In a heartbreaking news to ICE lovers, shared by auto-motor-und-sport.de .. Daimler is said to have stopped producing new ICE Engines, and plans to go fully electric powertrains.

According to German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, Daimler development chief Markus Schaefer said that they currently have no plans to develop a next-generation combustion engine and they are focusing on new electric powertrains.

Volkswagen was the first to make this heartbreaking announcement in 2018, Daimler as now officially joined the trend.

Daimler development chief Markus Schäfer emphasizes that the main focus is now on electrification, electric drives and battery development. It also involves shifting capacities from internal combustion engine and transmission development to new development areas. The overall budget for research and development remains at a high level

Daimler is currently launching the latest generation of combustion engines in various models, such as the new six-cylinder in-line engine for the E- and S-Class and the SUVs – this generation could also be the last. Schäfer draws attention to the fact that there are currently no plans for a new development. That Daimler will resume development work on combustion engines in the future, but is not excluded.

VW already announced the end of the combustion engine at the end of 2018. Wolfsburg states that the last start of production with a combustion platform is scheduled for 2026. VW refers to the Paris climate agreement after a climate-neutral society is planned from 2050. According to VW, this can only be achieved if there are no more cars with internal combustion engines at this time. To almost achieve this, the last combustion engine would have to come off the assembly line in 2040 – the year in which the ban on gasoline and diesel engines came into force in California. Already from 2022, almost only electric vehicles will roll off the assembly line at the Emden and Hanover plants. Hybrid models are only intended as a short-term interim solution.

The 800-volt electrical system of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

Volvo says goodbye to the diesel engine

As early as 2017, but not quite as radical, Volvo said: The Swedes are no longer developing diesel engines – the current generation of diesel engines will still be available until 2023. After all, 80 percent of German Volvo customers rely on diesel engines. At Volvo, the move away from the diesel engine is connected, on the one hand, to the future of electronics and, on the other hand, to the owner: for the Chinese Geely Group, diesel plays no role in the home market.

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