Tesla Gigafactory4 Berlin May Not Become Reality

Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to build a factory in Brandenburg but if no purchase agreement is met before Friday 20th December 2019, there may not be Gigafactory 4 Berlin. The committee has to approve the purchase agreement because the 300 hectare property is state property.

Tesla’s plan for a car factory near Berlin is delayed. Two important dates for the largest industrial settlement in the history of Brandenburg have slipped today.

On Wednesday morning, the Finance Committee of “Potsdamer Landtags” should approve the contract of sale for the factory site. But the meeting was canceled on Tuesday afternoon: “Because of the lack of a basis for decision-making”, the meeting was dropped, Marianne Spring-Raumschüssel, head of the committee, told the MPs. Bild reports.

the car group is still arguing with Brandenburg over the withdrawal clause: If Tesla abandons the project after a short time, the 300-hectare site should fall back to state.

And in the same condition as Tesla gets it.

The state wants to avoid land speculation as well as expensive demolition work. Both sides have a final deadline for agreement until Friday. Then the Christmas holidays begin – and the ambitious schedule falls behind. If the forest area near Grünheide is not cleared by mid-March 2020, factory construction can only start in autumn instead of spring.

“It’s not Christmas yet,” said Treasury spokesman Ingo Decker on Tuesday. “But it is common knowledge that negotiations are still ongoing.”

Second appointment also missed

The second, important date has also failed: BILD learned that Tesla has still not submitted the application documents for the approval of the building to the State Environment Agency. The submission was scheduled for Monday. Here, too, there is a risk of delay if the 2000-page application does not reach the authority on Friday.

Brandenburg’s Tesla task force in the Potsdam State Chancellery is now advising whether the Christmas deadline can still be met. In addition to Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (58, SPD), his Economics and Environment Minister, the Tesla bosses are also there.

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