TESLA Stock Kisses All-Time-High After Climbing Almost 60% this Quarter

Tesla investors have so much to celebrate today. This is surely the best quarter for Tesla investors as the stock is on pace for its best quarter since the third quarter of 2013.

Tesla reaches a 52-week high

Tesla stock hits $388.15 today, after a gap up on opening the stock shoots for the stars are hits $388.15 on a super bullish run. The price 2019 All-Time-High price of $388.15 came just below its intraday all-time high of $389.61, before Tesla CEO “Elon Musk” made a controversial tweet of taking Tesla Private at $420.

Despite a huge slow down in the overall auto industry, Tesla is setting records after records. Few weeks ago, while in Germany, Elon Musk announce a surprise news about his plan to build the next Gigafactory “Gigafactory 4” in Berlin.

In March, Musk unveiled the Model Y, which will cost between $39,000 to $60,000, and he told investors on the third-quarter earnings call in October that the company is ahead of schedule in rolling the vehicle.

Expect more to come in this never ending good news about Tesla.

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