Elon Musk Wanted To Take Tesla Private at $420

In August 7 2018, Tesla Boss “Elon Musk” made the most contraversial tweet of his life, by suggesting he was considering taking Tesla private once Tesla’ Stock Price hits $420. That he had already secured funding.

Tesla’s core business is very very strong right now, thanks in part to a weak performance by rival automakers like that of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle offerings and the seemingly successful ramp up of solar panels and China’s Gigafactory 3 coming online ahead of schedule.

Fast forward to today, December 19 2019, Tesla Stock is trading at the moment in Day’s Range of $396.50 – $406.83. The stock opened with a sweet gap up that sets a fresh All-Time-High. This makes investors wonder if Tesla will go private once $420 stock price is reached.

I believe Mr. Musk is the only person that can shed more light to this question. I have contacted him, but still have received any response on what his opinion is.

Tesla Tesla is publicly traded on Nasdaq and presently has a Market Value of $73B, removing such a huge company from the public markets is not going to be an easy task for Mr. Musk.

What do you think guys.. It’s seems Tesla Stock is closer to $420 than ever.. Will Tesla go Private or not?. kindly share your thoughts with our fellow readers.

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