Tesla Secures 50+ Orders from Düsseldorf Taxi Company “Norman”

Since last week Friday, a Düsseldorf company “Taxi Norman” has put two Teslas into operation. Managing Director Erol Norman explains, however, that this is “only the beginning”. Another 50 electronically powered Model-3 taxis are expected to be added over the next few weeks, each worth EUR 45,000.

n investment that is also advocated in politics. “I would like to thank Mr. Norman on behalf of the city for taking the first step here. It is an important step to reduce CO2 pollution in the city and to ensure that the air is clean, ”said Philipp Tacer (SPD), Chairman of the Environment Committee. He wants to change the taxi regulations to build four to five exclusive stopping places for electric taxis. These are intended for locations such as Königsallee or Toulouser Allee.

Switching from diesel vehicles to electric cars is not only environmentally friendly, but according to Norman it will also be profitable. Because in addition to exclusive stopping places, the company also benefits from the municipal utilities through cheaper electricity. For 35 euros per car, the Tesla cars can therefore be charged indefinitely every month, the price should be even cheaper in the future. “The cars are also much easier to care for. An old car costs us 6,000 euros a year. The expenses are now gone. We also save on fuel costs through cheaper electricity, ”says Erol Norman. And: “The car has only been driving this morning, and the driver has already received a tip of 15 euros because the customer simply thought it was great to drive in an electronic car.” He plans to switch entirely to electric taxis by 2023. RP reports.

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