2019 Ended As A Nightmare For Tesla Short Sellers

Tesla short sellers have lost $8 billion making Tesla Boss “Elon Musk”, literally the happiest man on earth at the moment.

Tesla is starting the year 2020 super strong breaking all time high after all time high. In the last seven months, short positions on Tesla shares have lost $8.4 billion, according to S3 Partners, a financial analytics firm.

Tesla CEO – Elon Musk in happy mood.

The only way to be successful at car manufacturing is to do it at a very large scale and that is exactly what Tesla has been doing. Building gigafactories after gigafactories. Tesla Boss announced in Germany few weeks ago that Tesla will be building Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide, a small town close to Berlin.

Tesla Inc. says it has hit its early production target of 1,000 vehicles a week at its China plant, less than a year after breaking ground at a 210-acre field in Shanghai.

Tesla said on Friday 3rd January 2020, that it delivered 367,500 electric vehicles in 2019, 50% more than the previous year and a record-breaking figure largely supported by sales of the cheaper Model 3.

2018 – May 2019 – Tesla was said to be DOOMED!

Every major news outlets were saying Tesla was DOOMED!. More and more analysts were changing their positions from BUY to (HOLD and SELL), as competition in EVs were said to be getting fiercer. Wall street was losing patience as they kept on accusing Elon Musk of broken promises and erratic behavior that is killing the Auto Maker. Tesla Short Sellers grew in their numbers and Short sides where raking in Billions after Billions. UNTIL third quarter result came in and it was Mind Blowing. The rest is history :D:.

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