OMG – Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Plan Is Larger than Previously Thought

In 2019, Tesla delivered a total of 367,500 vehicles, increasing its production by around 50 percent. According to an official announcement, a minimum of 500,000 electric cars are supposed to roll off the assembly line of Tesla Berlin every year. This is higher than the total number of cars Tesla has managed to produce from all current Gigafactories and delivered.

In the planned Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, not only the Model Y, but also other models are to be built. The output could overshadow everything that the electric car manufacturer has delivered so far.

Until now, it had been said that “only” 150,000 cars would initially be built in Brandenburg. It can be assumed that this number will be initial, but the opportunities will be created to ramp up production to half a million vehicles a year and perhaps even 750,000 a year. Gigafactory 4 Berlin is scheduled to start production in July 2021.

Tesla recently opened its first factory outside of the United States in Shanghai. The $ 2 billion plant showed that it could produce over 3,000 vehicles a week, Tesla said. The first “Model 3” that was produced there should be handed over to a customer next Tuesday (January 7). With the expansion of production in China, Tesla wants to kill two birds with one stone: roll up the huge Chinese market for electric cars and avoid import duties on cars from the USA. In the Brandenburg plant, cars are to be built for the German and European markets.

Tesla has posted over 30 jobs for a “Gigafactory Berlin” on its website , including a Construction Superintendent, a Construction Project Manager and a Mechanical Engineering Lead.

According to the information provided by the Brandenburg state government, over 3000 jobs are planned in a first stage in Grünheide (Oder-Spree district). Oder-Spree district administrator Rolf Lindemann (SPD) spoke of up to 4,000 people in December.

Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) sees several location advantages for the settlement of further companies. “There is huge interest in the industry to produce in a climate-neutral manner and to consume renewable energies from Brandenburg directly in the state and to invest in Brandenburg,” said Woidke to the German Press Agency. The goal must be to win renewable energies regionally and to save “expensive electricity transportation over gigantic lines”. He also mentioned the stability of the political system as an advantage for Brandenburg.

The Berlin-Brandenburg business associations, however, identify deficits in the quality of the location and are demanding, for example, the expansion of the digital broadband network and better mobile phone coverage.

Tesla’s factory in Brandenburg: approval process opened

The next step for Tesla’s factory in Brandenburg: The approval process for the project was opened, and objections are possible until March 5.

The approval process for the planned plant of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grünheide near Berlin was started. As the Environment Ministry in Potsdam announced. Tesla plans to manufacture the Model Y compact SUV in the “Gigafactory 4” from 2021 . Construction of the factory should start in the first half of 2020.

This will meet the deadlines agreed in the Tesla Task Force, stressed Environment Minister Axel Vogel (Alliance 90 / Greens). “Everything is going according to plan,” he said. The application documents could now be viewed for a month. Objections are possible until March 5.

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