Tesla Signs Purchase Contract For Gigafactory Berlin For 41 Million Euro

Tesla management has finally agreed on the purchase conditions for the planned Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide, according to the government spokesman Florian Engels on Sunday.

The State Chancellery wrote that the sum of approximately 41 million euros has been agreed upon.

The electric car manufacturer plans to start production in July 2021 if everything goes according to plan. To make Gigafactory 4 fully alive and funtional, Tesla is expected to invest around 4 billion euros in the Gigafctory 4 project. 

Once the planed factory is up and running, around 150,000 cars at the beginning, and later up to 750,000 cars maximum, comprising of Model 3 and Y and future models are expected to roll off the assembly line every year. Around 159 hectares of pine forest are said to have been cleared on the site by the end of February.


BOMBS: According to rbb24.de: Old aerial bombs could still be found on the property. “It turned out that contrary to original expectations, World War II ammunition is suspected on the site – specifically American aviation bombs,” said Brandenburg’s Environment Minister Axel Vogel. These areas would now be searched and entry is prohibited.

DEMONSTRATION: On Saturday, about 250 people demonstrated against the planned settlement of Tesla in Grünheide. 

Below is a video of worker building roads that leads to the forest where Tesla plans to build Gigafactory 4.

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