Grünheider Mayor Sees No Problem In Planned Tesla Factory

The mayor of Grünheide Arne Christiani, is one of the strong critics of planned Tesla Gigafactory 4 in his community. However, he takes a neutral stance and always welcome citizen participation not allegations.

There was a big protest last weekend in Grünheide with about 300 participants. The opposing protesters are against cutting down of trees and the fear of too little water supply, while those supporting welcomes Tesla with their open hands.

According to RBB24 : Christiani said that the forest on the Tesla site was planted with pine trees to be harvested. It is useful forest. Tesla plans to clear the forest in mid-March before the growing season begins.

Christiani also sees no possible problems with the water supply. He attributes objections from a water association to earlier conflicts. The water association Strausberg-Erkner (WSE) had warned of drinking water problems with regard to the settlement of Tesla. Christiani described these statements as a “return carriage” for fines for excessive water withdrawal by the association in 2017/2018.

Planning documents are available in the town hall

The planning documents for the factory are still available until February 6 at the State Office for the Environment in Frankfurt (Oder), in the town hall of Grünheide, in the town hall of the city of Erkner and in the building administration of the municipality of Spreenhagen. Until March 5, citizens can submit requests to the State Office for the Environment. A public hearing on objections is also scheduled for March 18.

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