Is Toyota Next After Tesla Took Over No2 Spot From VW?

Tesla Investors are having a wonderful time, compared to ICE investors that are invested in car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Motors whose shares fell sharply after prosecutors raided 10 locations in Germany related to the Japanese automaker over suspicions that illegal “defeat devices” were installed on several diesel models to cheat on emissions tests.

Toyota on the other hand, presently the most valuable car maker in the world with a market cap of $200.327B is also facing a big backslash after the car maker recalls about 2.9 million cars in the U.S. because the air bags may not inflate in a crash. 3.4 million vehicles worldwide will be recalled in total.

According to Market Watch, Toyota’ air bag control computer may not be properly protected against electrical interference. That can lead to incomplete air bag deployment or failure to inflate in a crash.


Whenever it comes to self driving technology, it’s very clear that Toyota is atleast 4 years behind Tesla. Toyota is expected to launch it’s first all-battery Lexus in 2020. According to Toyota, the luxury model will be able to drive autonomously on highways and compete with the likes of Tesla Model S and X self-driving cars.

Tesla vehicles on the other hand already boasts of fully functional full self-driving capabilities. Tesla Model 3 as an example can go from 0-100km/h in 3.4s, while the Model X can do a 507km on a single charge, and Tesla is rumored to start the delivery of its latest model Model Y by month end, I think this is already a Game Over for Toyota. Not to mention what Tesla has in its pipeline, coming online soon.

With Tesla shares now trading little below All-Time-High, the question now remains when?, when will Tesla take over the No1 spot and become the King of fully functional sell-driving autonomous car manufacturing. Feel free to share your opinion with our fellow readers in the comment section.

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