Protesters Against The Planned Tesla Factory In Grünheide Gained New Strong Member

In Grünheide there is increasing resistance to the planned Tesla Gigafactory 4. A popular singer Julia Neigel with millions of Facebook fans is the new member of this resistance.

The local residents’ protest is now receiving prominent support: Singer Julia Neigel (53, “Shadow on the Wall”), is publicly raising her voice against the planned project on her Facebook page.

According To

For weeks, the artist has been following Tesla’s plans in Grünheide, where her friends also live. Neigel is horrified at what is happening there. On Facebook she denounces in posts that a forest that offers living space for animals and plants and recreation for people is sacrificed for a car factory.

Julia Neigel: Tesla construction area in the drinking water protection zone

Neigel refers to the report of the local water association, which she also posted on the Internet. “It says that the construction area is in a drinking water protection zone. There are serious problems with the drinking water supply, which are apparently not taken seriously by the authorities and the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment. ”The singer wants to continue her protest – not only on the Internet, but also on site.  

Julia Neigel expresses criticism of politicians

Neigel is also attacking politicians by saying they are apparently uncritical about the Tesla plan. “Your responsible politician: I wish you demonstrations and a wave of protests nationwide and nationwide, which will be a lesson for the men and women in the ministries in Potsdam and Berlin,” said Neigel.

Below is a translated version from German to English of some of her Facebook posts.

I am disgusted … Over-taxing the population with CO2 tax and triple taxing it, but subsidizing a US car company with German tax money of EUR 300 million in a “non-bureaucratic” manner, a “special-special” permit for forest management grant of more than 100 hectares of trees instead of using industrial wasteland, lithium batteries are imported from third countries through overexploitation and child labor, and deserts are left behind, even more electricity is needed, private companies drive up the prices – along with low-wage workers from Poland for the planned plant, because perfect location because of proximity to Poland? And the property is also thrown in almost free of charge, although it has already been announced that the company will not recognize any tariff conditions and … The local and responsible water supply company, the municipal water association Strausberg-Erkner (WSE), the responsible state authority, the state office for the environment (LFU), and the environment ministry have clearly informed that neither the water supply nor the sewage supply can then be guaranteed, the construction area is exactly in a drinking water protection zone located and this water is endangered for the population? (See press release WSE, dated January 16, 2018) So that should be the solution after the diesel scandal initiated by the USA? And all of this is decided by a supposed environmental party, in the knowledge of all these facts, which at the same time allows mass deforestation for wind turbines and car plants? Questions: What happens if you drop a tree in your own garden or leave dog droppings on the street, or is the groundwater polluted? How much money and free land does a German young entrepreneur get from the German state who wants to create jobs? And how much drinking water in an entire region can it pollute?

Quickly delete cell phone data during an investigation because of the million dollar consultant affair in the Ministry of Defense, goofy in the process and did not want to know that evidence should not be deleted? At the same time, however, the public still has no answer to the question of whether US drones from the US base in Rammstein were used in the murder of a foreign general, and at the same time provide weapons for terrible wars and wash the money into the armaments companies’ pockets , because of the oil fight in the Middle East – Meanwhile, the arms budget is exorbitantly increased due to pressure from the United States and its arms industry interests? And then make you a “neutral” mediator in the Middle East conflict and all of this initiated by and as a supposedly Christian party? Question: Have you checked the mails of journalists lately to find the sources of uncomfortable newspaper reports? Have you kept files from ministries and courtrooms under lock and key recently? Didn’t you already have the number of judges reduced?

Let a journalist and whistleblower rot without protest in the English prison, a man who exposed exactly these perfidious methods of war and highly aggressive economic expansion of the United States with the help of the press and yet still did not want to receive and read UN reports of torture on him – those who have been on the tables for months with the UN – while the enlightened world is protesting loudly against extradition to the United States and because of the violation of freedom of the press and human rights? Question: Have you read the Human Rights Charter, the one that commits you?

The “occupation law” is – in fact – until today – for a certain military and a government – still not abolished, instead neo-colonialism is practiced and none of you has the guts to speak it openly and honestly and to oppose it? No, you take it out on your own population instead:

The receipt of a receipt for every small business waived, the largest company for the receipt manufacturing belongs 100% to a party of the government itself? Exactly the party that prepared the controversial TTIP and then put an “O-tariff free trade agreement” with the United States in 2019?

And the Springer publishing house … which recently also wrote bold and bold on the Middle East crisis and the fears of fear of war: “Thank you, Mr. President!” World commits murder in a foreign country and provides factual justifications for it. By The way: This publisher was recently bought, can you read recently, by foreign investors, or should you call it “occupied”? N / A? Do we guess from whom?

Scare people and then give you an X-Before-The-U solution, you do.

How stupid do you actually think us humans, your own population, that you think you are allowed to dare in front of all of us? Did you think we would go along with it forever?

No wonder foreign politicians laugh at you, because you measure your decisions with two standards. You seem like externally controlled vassals from overseas. Shame on you, responsible politician, shame on you! Sitting out, acting anti-competitive, selling, enriching and keeping silent – these are also deeds. The day is coming when such actions fall on your feet. The population in the Federal Republic of Germany also has a pain threshold. The globalization that you have praised has effectively failed.

Conclusion, my opinion and recommendation: In Berlin one should declare a moral and professional emergency and a right to terminate the immunity protection in the event of illegal acts and abuse of power in the Bundestag, because of advancing submissiveness towards economic third-party interests, possible embezzlement of our tax money, visible advantage thinking and smellable intellectual pollution of the air , It cannot and should not be the case that politician-elites can do what they or third parties do for four years, even though it is by no means in conformity with the will of the people and it just stinks of violations of the law and irresponsible excuses. The arbitrary ban applies to everyone and cannot be lifted by elections and cannot be justified. We need the right to immunity and effectively an anti-corruption law

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