What Is Next For Tesla Investors?

Tesla market value at this moment is about $104.768B, beating market value of German car manufacture Volkswagen AG ($89.535B atm) for the first time. If Tesla market value stays above $100B for some months, Tesla CEO Elon Musk will be smiling big to the bank for a huge payday.

While Musk’s skeptics are dubious that Tesla should be worth more than a carmaker that sold almost 30 times as many vehicles last year, Volkswagen’s own Herbert Diess isn’t so dismissive. He’s been arguably the most vocal CEO among traditional car makers to praise Tesla and point to its role in a radical shakeup of the more than century-old auto industry.

What Is Next For Tesla Investors?

2020 with no doubt started remarkably for Tesla investors, while the stock’ short sellers are having worst period of their time. Short sellers are said to have been burnt badly, losing over $2B in this amazing short period of time, while Tesla keeps breaking highs after highs.

Next week Wednesday (January 29th 2020), Tesla is expected to release 2019 fourth quarter earning report. According to Zacks Consensus Estimate, Tesla is expected to post quarterly earnings of $1.62 per share, which represents a year-over-year change of -16.1%. Tesla carries a Zacks Rank of No2, which indicates that Tesla will most likely beat the consensus EPS estimate or +3.34%, The EPS estimate is +3.34% because most analyst are super bullish that Tesla will beat ER.

in 2019, Tesla has only managed to beat consensus EPS estimates just once, which was in Q3. Tesla was expected to report a loss of $0.15 per share but it blew every analysts mind by posting earnings of $1.86, which was a shocking surprise of +1,340% of what most Wall Street’ analysts expected.

Will it be the same case this period?, feel free to share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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