What You Need To Know About Tesla Stock Price And Upcoming ER

Tesla stock has surged 35% year to date beating the S&P 500 2% rise.

According to New Street analyst Pierre Ferragu, Tesla still has enough room to run towards $800 mark. Pierre Buy iteration beats that of Jefferies analyst Philipe Houchois who reiterated a Buy rating with a new price target of $600 from previous price target of $300 two weeks ago amid what he sees as a very favorable 2020 earnings outlook.

According to Thestreet.com: Houchois, who has a buy rating on the stock, noted that current consensus estimates appear “reasonable and conservative,” given Tesla’s potential to capitalize not only on car sales but also on other offerings such as power storage and third-party battery sales.

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) now has a market cap of $101.806B as of friday’s closing. This puts Tesla $66.122B ahead of Ford Motor Company (F) and $52.785B ahead of General Motors Company (GM). Ford and GM now has a combined market cap of $84.701B, which is still $17.105B below the market cap of Tesla.

Tesla Fourth Quarter Earnings

Tesla is scheduled to report fourth-quarter earnings after the bell on Wednesday 29th of January, with a conference call with analysts set for 6:30 p.m. Eastern. The call will be webcast. The question now remains, if they will post a positive or negative earnings.

According to Garrett Nelson, an analyst with CFRA, investors will look super closely at Tesla’ sales outlook for 2020. “Generally, we think the recent stock price run-up has greatly raised the bar in terms of expectations and elevated the risk of disappointment,” he said.

From MarketWatch: Analysts polled by FactSet expect Tesla to report GAAP earnings of 43 cents a share, which would compare with GAAP earnings of 78 cents a share in the fourth quarter of 2018. Adjusted profit is seen at $1.65 a share, which would compare with $1.93 a share in the year-ago period. Estimize, a crowdsourcing platform that gathers estimates from Wall Street analysts as well as buy-side analysts, fund managers, company executives, academics and others, is expecting earnings of $1.70 a share.

Surveyed analysts by FactSet expects sales of $6.9B, which is down from $7.2B a year, and a revenue of $7.1B for the company.

Tesla Giga Shanghai, China, will also play a very

Investors will also focus on the near-term financial impact of the China factory start-up


A video recording was sharing online yesterday by a lawyer for Lev Parnas. The video is of U.S. President Trump and some dinner guests discussing topics that varies from why American diplomat Marie Yovanovitch, the US’ ambassador to Ukraine must be ousted to Natural Gas, and ofcouse Tesla.

Skip to 58 minutes to listen to the conversation about Tesla and get the shock of your life about how much miss-informed the folks around President Trump are and how much FUD they are sharing with the American President. Why they are telling him so much lies remains to be understood.

“Tesla’s broke. 100%. They can’t produce them. The auto companies have caught up to him. He’s never generated anywhere close to positive cash flow. He’s subsidized by 25,000 per vehicle. It’s over.  The other thing people forget about it it’s great to have an electric vehicle, but you gotta plug it in and get a charge somewhere. 

“And, the carbon footprint of this phone is the same as a refrigerator running. You need to generate the power. And generating it with wind and solar, wind and solar only generates 3.5% of our power usage today. You would take 50 years to get up to 5% at the rate we’re growing. It is still fossil k generating power. You have to have nuclear, you have to have oil and gas, and you have to have coal,” the guest said.

Teslarati reports

Below is the video shared by YouTuber Gavin Sheridan

src: https://twitter.com/jpr007

Tesla has regained the No1 position on the U.S. largest short interest league table, overtaking Apple by $12 million in short interest.

src: https://twitter.com/SteveHamel16

Analyst price target now range from $44 – $800.. The only way to know who is right and who is wrong is to wait till Wednesday when Tesla reports fourth-quarter earnings.

See our previous post on this topic here: What Is Next For Tesla Investors?

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