“Chinese coronavirus outbreak will boost the U.S. Economy” – Wilbur Ross

It’s difficult to believe that he really said this out loud. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross has said he expects the coronavirus outbreak in China, which has killed 170 people and infected over 7,700, will improve the US economy. Ross spoke on Fox Business News, and was asked if the deadly virus would threaten the Chinese economy. He began well, and said:

“Every American’s heart has to go out to the victims of the coronavirus, so I don’t want to talk about a victory lap over a very unfortunate, very malignant disease.” However, Ross then immediately went on to do exactly that. The Trump Cabinet member said businesses will have to consider the coronavirus when they review their supply chains, adding: “It’s another risk factor that people need to take into account, so I think it will help to accelerate the return of jobs to North America—some to the U.S., probably some to Mexico as well.” At least one person is managing to see the bright side.

Just had to share this cause it affects Tesla. Tesla has shut down its Shanghai factory as part of a broader order by the Chinese government to stem the spread of the coronavirus in the region, a closure that will delay Model 3 production and ultimately put slight downward pressure on profits in the first quarter, the automaker’s finance chief Zach Kirkhorn said.

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