New Giga Factory Coming Soon? – Elon Musk Teases

Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a new tweet wants the help of his fans in deciding if Texas is a cool place to build Giga Factory 5.

Is This Going To Be The Biggest Giga Factory Ever?

In a question thrown at his follows he wrote: “Giga Texas?”, with a Hell Yeah or a Nope options.

This comes just 3 months after announcing that Gigafactory Four “Giga Berlin” will be built in Germany, the heart of europe’s automobile manufacturing.

Elon’s Poll about the next Gigafactory “Giga Texas” location has gained over 110,000 answers, with most participants selecting “Hell Yeah” as their ultimate answer.

Giga Shanghai is up and running with a current capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year.  Tesla plans to expand it more this year, including adding local Model Y production for the China market.

Giga Berlin land is now a done deal, and work is already underway. Giga Berlin is set to start pumping out cars in the middle of next year, with a capacity ranging from 350,000 to 750,000 cars per year. Starting with Model 3 and Model Y.

Austin, Texas has recently become a tech hub attracting a lot of young tech talent trying to get away from Silicon Valley’s incredibly high cost of living.

Elon Musk is surely looking to grow Tesla’ Employees number has he has been tweeting alot lately about job openings, hackathon events, list goes on. It shouldn’t be a big news as Tesla is clearly five years ahead of competition and as a company whose stock is said to be a growth stock, Tesla needs to keep expanding and growing the massively to meet its targets of taking the world away from fossils, to renewable energy and environmental friendly transportation.


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