Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Officially Back In Business

The tech sector is currently feeling the impact of the coronavirus, with companies closing offices, stores, and factories in China as well as restricting employees from nonessential travels to the country. The closures, which were initially expected to last through the Lunar New Year holiday week in late January, were soon extended to February 10th. Officials in some provinces and districts are now telling companies not to resume work until March 1st.

China based companies are greatly feeling the impact of the coronavirus, as they shut their doors for business. Late last month, big tech companies announced they would temporarily shut down all corporate offices, manufacturing factories, and retail stores across China. These companies include Tesla, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and Google.

After Epidemic prevention measures and a sizable numbers of security personells were put in place and greatly improved around Giga Shanghai, Tesla Giga Shanghai is now officially back in business.

Once the non-Tesla employee’s vehicle is parked at the gate of the Gigafactory Shanghai area, relevant security will conduct interrogation and dismissal. Work and parking permit are required to be checked before entering. Before officially entering the factory area, everyone needs to go through another inspection.

At 7:40 am, the employee parking lot started to be busy. From the managers at the entrance of the parking lot to the employees with Tesla badges on their chests, they all consciously wore masks. At around 7.50 am, the shuttle buses are carrying employees began to enter the Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai. The buses transport employees as 1 passenger per bench seat, believing that this is to avoid potential cross-infection as much as possible.


Coronavirus Update

More than 900 people have now died in mainland China from the coronavirus that emerged in the central city of Wuhan at the end of last year as the World Health Organization (WHO) deployed an expert team to the country to investigate the outbreak.

China’s National Health Commission reported there were 97 new fatalities from the virus on February 9, making Sunday the deadliest day so far. The new fatalities brought the death toll on the mainland to 908, most of them in Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province. A total of 40,171 infections have been confirmed nationwide. 

With more cases being discovered across the world WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, also noted there were “concerning instances” of the spread of the virus among people with no travel history to China. He urged countries to prepare for the possible arrival of the infection, but stressed people should remain calm.

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