Tesla Stock Likely To Stay Around $800 Until End Of 2020 – Steve Westly

In this video, former Tesla board member Steve Westly shares why Tesla is very likely to hold its value until EOY.

Steve went ahead and explained why Tesla is a force not to be reckoned with. According to him, Tesla is far ahead of competitions.

Steve said car companies and other companies are valued based on three important things, and Tesla meets up on all, namely;

  1. The way they grow
  2. Their profitability
  3. Their brand power

Steve suggests that investors may be betting on the fact that car companies are turning into a tech companies. Enjoy the video below.

“Everybody else frankly, wants to be doing the things that Tesla is doing, the simple fact is Tesla is moving faster, and has the pole position in this new technology area, it looks to me like their share price will continue to do well for time to come” – Steve Westly

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