Tesla Giga Berlin Deforestation Stopped By Court!

Brandenburg Green League has successfully forced the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) Berlin- Brandenburg to put a hold on Tesla’ ongoing deforestation of Giga Berlin’ site.

photos by: @gigafactory_4

The court has temporarily stopped the clearing work on the site for the planned Tesla factory in Grünheide by sending in police officers to enforce the order.

Higher Administrative Court of Berlin had previously received objections from two nature conservation associations, asking the court to put a hold on Tesla’ deforestation work, but the objections were not successful until today.

Photos by: @gigafactory_4

Brandenburg Green League and the Association for site and species protection in Bavaria (VLAB)are behind this interruption.

According to Court, the work must be put on hold until the filed complaint against Frankfurt decision has been decided.

Photos by: @gigafactory_4

The nature conservation associations are other parties that are against the project are claiming the project has more cons than pros, including potential impacts to the water supply and local wildlife, and about proper wastewater disposal. Among the forest residents are reptiles, ants and birds which must be relocated before felling. There are also endangered species of bat; the district forester who planted trees says the bats prefer trees older than 80 years to roost in them.

Frunkla’ Take

The administrative court had however ruled that nature conservation issues by the State Environment Agency was unobjectionable. Based on this, we don’t expect this temporary delay to last long. We will keep out readers posted as soon as their is an update.

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