Say Hello To Tesla Giga Berlin Ants – The Most Protected Ants In The World

Ants are cool, but Giga Ants are awesome. In the ongoing removal of previously planted pine trees from planned Giga Berlin site, endangered ant hill must be protected and later relocated to nearby forest.

I call these ants, Giga Ants for a reason. They are not just your ordinary ants that gets to be buried because a new land owner takes over, they are lucky ants that alot of important people and nature conservation groups are talking about.

Officials working on clearing the land have now finally protected the Giga Ants Hill, and are working on relocating their lovely home to a nearby safer forest.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously emphasized the need to protect all the endangered species, and also promised to make sure Tesla replace every previously planted pine trees they remove from the land with 3 newly planted trees.

As shared by our friend @Gf4Tesla, Giga Ants hill is completely guided 24/7 :).


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