Tesla Model S Can Go From Hamburg Germany to Poznań Poland On A Single Charge

You can now drive a Tesla Model S all the way from Hamburg City in Germany, down to the beautiful city of Poznan in Poland on a single full charge. Check this out!.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk “Tesla Model S estimated EPA range is now above 390 miles or ~630 km”, which is more than enough for driving from Hamburg Germany to Poznan Poland, a 550KM drive, with some battery power left to drive round the city before recharging the powertrain.

All Tesla Model S now have Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, adaptive air suspension, premium interior and sound. With Long Range Plus base price of $74,490 and the Performance version base price of $94,490.


Real-life results are bound to vary based on the temperature, your use of climate control and your driving habits. However, Musk added that the new figures might be conservative. He claimed that Model S and X cars made in “recent months” can perform better than their official EPA numbers suggest, and that this potential will be made accessible “soon” through a software update. That’s likely comforting news for new owners still grappling with the winter chill’s effect on their range, and hints that the magic 400-mile benchmark might already be achievable. Engadget added.

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