What Giga Berlin Should Look Like, Yearly Output, Employment, And Everything You Need To Know Now

According to the thousands of pages about Giga Berlin that can be seen in the town halls of Erkner, Grünheide and Spreenhagen since last week Monday (Tesla planned production process, water, power, and everything that has to do with the environment and endangered species), Tesla boast of a bold 500,000 cars production per year and 12,000 Jobs provision. Details are available to the public to inspect.

Tesla plans to start production in Giga Berlin in 2021, with 4000 employees producing a minimum of 150000 cars per year.

Say Hello To Tesla Giga Berlin Ants – The Most Protected Ants In The World

Below is what Giga Berlin should look like once completed.

Around the factory are two parking lots for 2,800 cars, a well water pool with a capacity of 45,000 cubic meters and three buildings for the energy center, power transformer station and wastewater treatment. A logistics center with loading station is planned in the north-east of the railway line. Six freight trains and 463 trucks per day are planned to supply the factory with raw materials and parts, and also to transport newly produced cars. The factory needs 109 megawatts of electricity for production and 16,000 cubic meters of natural gas per hour for heating, foundry melting and drying ovens. 

Tesla Giga Berlin Deforestation Stopped By Court!

1200 workers are expected to work at final assembly lines (we believe this includes logistics and line workers), 800 workers at administration, and 700 workers in the paint shop. Tesla plans to produce its own battery cells later in an extra building. As a start, cells are to be delivered and assembled by 400 employees into battery packs.

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