WOW – Tesla To Produce 10,000 Model Y Per Week In Giga Berlin

According to the latest update on about Giga Berlin, the electric car manufacturer is planning to start Phase 1 production with 10,000 Model Y per week, once Giga Berlin construction is complete.

Tesla also estimate that during Phase 1, Tesla will employ up to 12,000 workers starting from local residents all the way to every corner of Europe.

This is not Tesla’ first location in Europe, Tesla already operate an assembly facility for Model S and Model X in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Tesla also runs Tesla Grohmann Automation in Prüm, Germany, which specializes in automation of production processes. In total, Tesla currently already employ around 5,500 people in Europe.

In terms of sustainability, Tesla says Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will have a solar roof and aims to use renewable electricity to help Germany and Brandenburg achieve its ambitious ‘Energiewende’ objectives.

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