“Tesla Is Absolutely The Leader” – Consumer Reports

Jake Fisher is the senior director of automotive testing at Consumer Reports. According to him, Tesla is absolutely the leader whenever it comes to electric vehicles motors and batteries.

“It’s not just that Tesla is making good, energy-dense batteries. They are also maximizing efficiency through aerodynamics, reducing weight, and refining equipment. They’re even using a different kind of chip that maximizes the transfer of energy within their vehicles’ electrical systems. It all adds up to lower energy consumption and less charging for consumers. ” – Consumer reports adds.

Tesla batteries are so good that, Tesla is making use of the 100% capacity of the battery, unlike other electric car manufacturers that are using just 90% of their battery capacity. Charging batteries to less than 100 percent makes them last longer, according to Sam Abuelsamid, an automotive technology analyst with Navigant in Ann Arbor, Mich. That is battery function that Tesla allows owners to use, the function is known as Extended Range Mode.

“They’re able to get more miles out of each kilowatt-hour. They have shown the way for EVs. They’ve demonstrated that if you do this right, there are people who will want to buy it.” – Sam Abuelsamid

The Higher The MPGe, The Cheaper You Pay For Electricity

  • Model 3: 130 MPGe
  • Model S: 102 MPGe.
  • E-Tron: 74 MPGe
  • Jaguar I-Pace:  76 MPGe, l
  • Model X: 87 MPGe

“Tesla is also the only automaker using silicon carbide chips, which save energy by efficiently converting AC power to DC to power its electronics. Most other automakers will be adopting these kinds of chips, but Tesla got there first. They’re about 6 percent more efficient than the alternative silicon chips used by other EV manufacturers. ” – Abuelsamid

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