Tesla Persuading German Gov. To Allow Electric Trucks To Drive On Sundays And Holidays

on 1 May 1956, German government imposed a Sunday and public holiday driving ban on trucks, in order to protect citizens from noise and pollution.

Commercial trucks weighing more than 7.5 tons or pulling a trailer are prohibited from driving on Sundays and public holidays in Germany. 

Transportation of fresh food such as milk, meat and fish or of film and television material are excluded. Rescue and recovery vehicles are also excluded.

Tesla Semi-Truck mass production will start very soon, so Tesla has made it a mission to lure the German ministry of transportation to overturn Sunday and public holiday driving ban for electric trucks. We guess its because electric trucks, unlike ICE trucks, make very little noise and does not pollute the environment. This makes sense.

According to Businessinsider, Last week Thursday, a delegation from the US company traveled to Berlin for a secret meeting. The Federal Ministry of Transport promised Tesla an investigation into the matter, Business Insider says.

Due to the ongoing Giga Berlin project, Tesla is currently in talks with several authorities and ministries. The billion dollar project is a top priority for state government of Brandenburg, as the state wants to prove that it can do more than Berlin.

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