Tesla is $30B Away From Becoming World Most Valuable Car Company

Toyota investors better watch-out, Tesla investors are coming to take over the throne!.

Tesla market capitalization is presently sitting comfortably at $166.134B, which is about $30B away from that of the world most valuable car company, Toyota.

Toyota market cap. is presetly 196.74B as at Friday’ closing, while Tesla market cap. is presently $166.134B, about $30B away from that of Toyota.

In January, Toyota, with a market cap of $200.327B faced a big backslash after the car maker recalls about 2.9 million cars in the U.S. because the air bags may not inflate in a crash. 3.4 million vehicles worldwide will be recalled in total according to the report. Tesla on the other hand, is expanding its business aggressively, as it eats into the heart of Europe by planning Giga factory 4 in Berlin, Germany.

Tesla Model 3 – Best Electric Car Of The Year 2020

Tesla Model 3 Named Best Electric Vehicle Of The Year 2020 by Consumer Reports. Of the 10 vehicles named at the top of each type, the Tesla was the only winner made by an American company, joining a list that included several Japanese models and one from Korean automaker Kia.

“The car’s superb handling and quick, precise steering help it feel like a sports car. The Model 3 has excellent visibility and a stark interior dominated by a floating 15-inch touch screen that governs many controls.” – Consumer Reports

While 3 Toyota models made the list (Hybrid: Toyota Prius, Large Sedan: Toyota Avalon, and Small Car: Toyota Corolla), only Tesla Model 3 made the list, perhaps due to the price range that Consumer Reports used in their ranking.

Tesla Business Expansion

Unlike Toyota is downsizing instead of expanding its business, Tesla business is expanding aggressively as Tesla builds factories after factories.

At the end of 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a new factory for Berlin, Germany and there are rumors that Tesla fifth factory maybe announced towards end of 2020.

Tesla energy is another thing Elon Musk says Tesla is ramping up aggressively along with Tesla Solar Roof. In 2018, Elon Musk said “solar roof version 3.0 with larger tiles is ready for mass deployment”.

Will Tesla take over the throne from Toyota soon?, when do you think it will happen?. We have been covering this topic since Tesla market cap hits $100B some weeks ago. We believe it will happen very soon. Kindly share your opinion with us in the comment section.

One thought on “Tesla is $30B Away From Becoming World Most Valuable Car Company

  1. Toyota will be the KODAK of the automobile industry in about 5 yeras time…. Toyota STILL does not take EV’s seriously, and keeps on betting this dead horse called Hydrogen… Tony Seba predicts that by 2025 nobody with a correctly working set of brains would buy a new electric car.. ALREADY right NOW, people start weighing their options between EV or another ICE when they are in the market for a new car.

    When EV’s get cheaper then comparable ICE cars, EV’s are done! and I really think this could happen within 2-3 years, thanks to Tesla! (Note the cybertruck is already priced much lower than comparable ICE trucks!)

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