Tesla Cannot Cut Down These Trees At Giga Berlin Due To Bats Hibernation

Bats are among Germany’s most endangered animals, but Berlin is home to more of the furry flying mammals than any other central European city, no wonder Tesla is unable to cut down these four trees that stands in the middle of trees clearing chaos, as Giga Berlin project continues.

pics by: @Gf4Tesla

In winter, bats go into hibernation. Hibernation is an extended period of deep sleep (or torpor) that allows animals to survive cold winters with harsh weather. A bat’s body temperature lowers and their metabolic rate slows, meaning they use less energy and can survive on the fat they have stored up instead of trying to forage for food. During hibernation, bats need roosts that are cool and remain at a constant temperature. They often move into underground sites, such as caves. – https://www.bats.org.uk/

Officials are yet to share the numbers of bats hibernating on these trees. It’s also not yet known if the project will continue, leaving these 4 trees till the hibernating bats wakes up or not. A very interesting space to keep an eye on.

Can They Wake These Bats Up?

This is called “torpor” and a bat can survive for about a month in this state. After that the bat will experience a brief period where its body temperature will rise to normal for a few hours and it may stir. Then it will return to a state of torpor and repeat the cycle for up to six months.

German officials may decide to take bats into protective custody, monitoring their hibernation mode, and try to wake them up so as to reintroduce them into a new home in a nearby forest where they may later continue to hibernate.

We will keep you updated as we know more.

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