Tesla Model Y Buyers Confirms Deliveries Will Start In March

Tesla designed electric compact crossover utility vehicle, Model Y, deliveries is rumored to begin in March, according to some twitter users.

During 2019 fourth quarter earnings report on January 29, 2020, Tesla revealed that Model Y production has already started in the Fremont factory, that one can now place an order for their premium versions with all-wheel drive, and that delivery of Model Y will begin in Q1 2020.

Some twitter users shared the same delivery confirmation email they received from Tesla last night.

Twitter user @jdewolfe shared the tweet below with Tesla community on twitter:

Tesla plans four powertrains for the Model Y

  1. Standard Range
  2. Long Range
  3. Long Range with Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive
  4. and Performance

According to the twitter users that are expecting their deliveries starting from March, and what they ordered, Tesla is likely starting the delivery of the Long Range AWD model and the Performance mode. The Standard Range model is expected in 2021 officially, and so far there has been no rumor about its delivery in March 2020.

Tesla CEO has said it several times that he believes Model Y will outsell Model 3. This is a very exciting time for Tesla Investors, as everything seems to be working fine for the world most valuable electric car maker.

The Model Y fills a smaller size segment from its bigger sibling, the mid-sized Tesla Model X. Model Y is based on the Model 3 platform, which makes it’s production easier and faster for Tesla.

This is unlike Tesla. Tesla is known to use the Elon Musk Time on whatever date they set. Think of Elon Musk time as adding extra months or perhaps years on whatever date Tesla sets for anything.

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