Panasonic Exit From Giga Buffalo Won’t Affect Solar Cell Production – Tesla

Panasonic and Tesla are putting an end to their joint solar cell production agreement at Tesla New York plant.

According to Tesla, Panasonic’s withdrawal won’t affect Tesla’ solar cell production. Tesla has also met the 1460 jobs commitment required by the State of New York.

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The company employs over 1,500 jobs in the city of Buffalo, clearing its 1,460 commitment before April, and thereby avoiding a $41 million penalty – the state said.

According to Panasonic in a statement released by the company’ spokesperson on Wednesday, Panasonic plans to stop production in Giga Bufallo in May and will be out completely by September ending.

Tesla Ramps Up Solarglass Roof, Against First Quarter Earnings

Nikkei reports that Panasonic has been selling all the cells they make in Giga Bufallo New York to other clients, instead of to Tesla.

Tesla Solar Roof cells are not made in Giga Buffalo, according to some reports, they are made in China, and not by Panasonic.

CATL China and LG Chem South Korea are two big battery makers that Tesla has been working with along side Panasonic. Base on this, we think there is a good chance Tesla’ relationship with Panasonic may completely come to an end soon.

This Tesla Panasonic relationship may as well follow the same steps that Tesla-Nvidia relationship followed.

In 2018, Tesla dropped Nvidia’s AI Platform for Self-Driving cars and built it’s own. According to Musk back in 2018, the Nvidia Drive PX2 computing platform, with one Pascal GPU and 2 Parker processors or CPUs, that was used in Tesla’s custom autonomous computer Autopilot Hardware 2.5 could only process 200 frames a second, compared to over 2,000 frames a second processed by Tesla’.

Whatever is going on between Tesla and Panasonic that is not yet known, will be known with time.

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