This is why Tesla has no competition – A Must Read!

This is why I believe Tesla is about a decade ahead of competition, and will give the best solution for fully autonomous self-driving car problem, and nothing will come close enough.

Critical Elements Of Fully Autonomous Self-Driving Car

  • Having Tens Of Billions Of Miles Of Testing
  • Having a Huge Fleet Of Cars
  • Having A Very Powerful AI (Full Self-Driving Computer)
  • Having Sensors that are necessary for the car to drive such as Camera, Radar, Ultrasonic, IMU, GPS.

At the moment, Tesla and Waymo are the biggest self-driving cars data collectors. These two companies than to make a software that can self-drive a car, safer than all the safest human car drivers combined.

To solve the self-driving car problem, autonomous driving technology must be very close to perfect, 99.999%. Companies building this technology need to collect billions of miles worth of data to perfect their software, and make it drive more than 2x better than human drivers.

Data collected by Waymo and Tesla

In January 7, 2020, Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving company, has logged 20 million miles on public roads, the company announced in a press statement. The new milestone comes just 15 months after Waymo hit the 10 million mile mark in October 2018. The latest figure puts Waymo far, far ahead of its rivals. Using this data, it’s possible to predict in 10 years there is a chance that Waymo won’t hit a billion miles data collected.

By November 2016, Autopilot had operated actively on hardware version 1 vehicles for 300 million miles (500 million km) and 1.3 billion miles (2 billion km) in shadow mode. As of November 2018, Tesla has collected a gigantic 1 billion miles of Autopilot data. For comparison, Waymo collected about 15 million miles then.

teslavehicle delivery and autopilot hardware

According to Forbes, Tesla was approaching 2 Billion Self-Driving Miles Driven. Tesla’s total autonomous miles logged had grown exponentially from 0.1 billion in May 2016 to an estimated 1.88 billion as of October 2019.

Tesla FSD Computer Hardware And Software

Below is a Tesla FSD computer chip, being built by Samsung Electronics in Auston Texas strictly for Tesla. It Is a combination of tailored hardware and tailored software that are masters of one trade, Full Self-Driving. Tesla FSD Computer is designed to do one thing incredibly well, compared to an NVIDIA Chip that is designed to do many things. The software that runs on Tesla FSD Chip is designed to do one thing incredibly well. This is the strategy Tesla is using.

“Anyone using only Lidar is Doomed!.” – Elon Musk

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the second generation of Tesla FSD home-made computer chip will be atleast 3x of the current version. This is bad news for so-called Tesla competition as they have almost nothing so far.

“If anybody is really good, they might have something that we have right now (April 2019) in 3 years (April 2022), but in two years we will have something 3 times better” – Elon Musk on Tesla FSD Computer.

A very powerful sustainable advantage for Tesla is the Fleet. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk “Nobody Has The Fleet”.

Tesla will have over a million car with full self-driving computer hardware in 2020. Tesla has a MASSIVE data advantage, similar to Google Search Engine. Google search engine is the best because people use it and it has been the best search engine for years, and will probably remain the best search engine.


Life is all about experiences. To be an expert at something, you need to study the subject involved very very well and carefully, and gather enough experience for tackling any problem arising from such a particular field.

An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study. That said, Tesla is building an expert at driving a car.

Tesla FSD computer is going to be an expert at driving, because Tesla is feed the AI in the computer, billions of miles of data. Life has we all know it is more about experiences.

It is going to be very hard for so-called Tesla competitors to beat Tesla at solving the self-driving computer problem. The same way it will be very hard for a novice to beat an expert at his field.

Learning From Real World Professional Drivers

Tesla FSD Autopilot computer is learning from almost a million drivers every day.

A humans, we have to go through driving school and pass both the theory and practical to earn a drivers license. This is what Tesla FSD computer is doing on a daily basis, learning learning and learning from over 500,000 professional drivers that have passed their driving exams.

There is no way you can compare such a FSD computer to anything out there that is learning from less than 500,000 drivers.

Tesla is ramping up car production and delivery as we speak, and the numbers of FSD computer teachers is bound to increase almost every minute. The more Tesla produces cars, the further Tesla is away from competition.

Tesla is not just building an electric car, Tesla is literally the only Electric car maker out there building a FSD fully autonomous electric cars. Others are building just electric cars that still can’t go further and faster than Tesla cars, while Tesla is building something that is approaching a Artificial General Intelligence.

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