What Would Elon Musk Do? – Coronavirus Market Sell-Off Update

Today is the third worst market opening gap historically. What would Tesla CEO Elon Musk do in today’ super volatile stock market?.

The S&P 500 just set a third-worst open ever, following the financial crisis in October 2008 and terrorist attack in September. 11, 2001.

Since this page is inspired by the electric car marker Tesla, what would the CEO Elon Musk do?

According to few of his responses and tweets on twitter, Elon Musk believes it makes no sense to panic. He thinks it is dumb to panic due to the coronavirus.

One commodity has been in particularly high demand: Toilet Paper.

Why are Americans panic buying toilet paper till it’s out of stock?. I think this is a question for the human gods like Elon Musk, below is his answer to that!.

According to Elon Musk in his tweet above, Toilet Paper may soon cost close to $3999, and come with a free one carat Diamond Ring.

Would Elon Musk Add To His Tesla Share?

You bet he would if he had to. The market is in a correction phase at the moment and Tesla Stock has not been left behind.

Tesla market cap still sits comfortably above $100 Billion, so Elon’ pay day is still very safe and secured.

Tesla Stock is down more than 20% from its previous high of about $965, and presenting trading around $620. The Stock is still well above the 100DMA (~$483), and very well above the 200DMA (~$355), that said, hardcore Tesla bulls are predicting the stock should hit $1500 within the next 4 years in worst case scenario, and $7000 and above if Elon Musk delivers.

If you are looking to hold for years, now doesn’t seems to be a bad time to start picking up the stock level by level.

“be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” – Warren Buffett

The CEO bought about $10 million worth of shares on Feb. 14, paying an average of $767 per share. so if you buy today, you are better positioned than him ;).


Elon Musk is presently busy doing what he does best, trying to make humans multi-planetary. while the world fights for toilet paper.

PS: Please remember to watch your hands, and stay safe ;).

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