Elon Musk Donates 50000 N95 Surgical Masks

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk donates 50000 N95 surgical masks to Coronavirus Corvid-19 victims and researchers, to help fight the greatest medical battle of our time, which has sent world biggest economies into recession.

Millions of people have been asked to stay indoor, to prevent further escalation of the Corvid-19 mortality rate. Experts argue staying home will flatten the curve, and buy medical experts enough time to fight the deadly virus and develop a working vaccine.

Dr. Kristina Adams Waldorf received a truckload of 50000 N95 surgical masks in her Seattle home on Sunday. Thanks to the help of her wonderful kids that help unload the truck.

She took to twitter in excitement and shared picture of her man posed next to her kids, standing next to 3M boxes of the N95 surgical masks.

According to seattletimes, Kyrylo Musiyenko, driver of the van carrying the shipment, picked it up in Fremont, California, at 6 p.m. with instructions that it was urgently needed in Seattle. He arrived shortly before noon on Sunday in Adams Waldorf’s driveway.

“Hopefully it will help,” he told Adams Waldorf.

“It’ll help right away,” she said.

This lightning-quick donation was arranged in a matter of hours.

Adams Waldorf got a call Saturday from a physician friend at UCLA. The friend, whose brother works for Musk, knew that Tesla had been donating surgical equipment. She also knew Seattle was in dire need of personal protective equipment for doctors, nurses and other front-line medical workers.

“It was just so, so fast,” said Adams Waldorf, a physician at University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) who is starting a series of COVID-related research projects.

The doctor friend called and said, “‘You’re the only person I know in Seattle!,’” Adams Waldorf said.

“I was told: ‘The truck is on the dock. They just need an address right now, no questions asked.’ I didn’t have the address for the supply-chain manager or a phone number. So I gave them mine.”

“I feel so, so good about being a small part of these donations,” she said. “To be at this critical shortage of personal protective equipment is frightening. We can’t have our health-care system crumbling at this moment.”

“It’s cool to see how community and kind of the extended network is pitching in to help out,” May said.

Adams Waldorf expects the materials to be put to use immediately. “For some items we have less than a week’s supply, and we expect a surge of patients to start coming,” she said. “This donation from Tesla is incredible.”

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