Tesla Unveils Coronavirus Ventilator In Latest Video

Tesla Engineers unveils coronavirus ventilator they have designed and about to put into mass production, to help Covid-19 patients.

In the below video, Tesla engineers shows a behind-the-scene look at its ventilator design process and why it may be better than what is out there.

According to the video on Tesla’s YouTube channel, the design includes a touch screen, computer and control system from a Model 3 electric car. Tesla is taking advantage of components that are familiar, reliable and available, an engineer says in the video.

The Engineers can also been seen wearing protective face mask and hand gloves, while they keep good distance away from each other.

Like Ford and General Motors, Tesla engineers are building its vent with parts for its vehicles. The reason is simple: car parts are available. Automotive companies obsessively stage parts for final assemble. Without doing so, having a shortage on, say, door handles can shut down a production line. In this thought, Tesla engineers say in this video they are trying to use as many car parts as possible.

For instance, Tesla’s ventilator uses the Model 3 infotainment system to power a Model 3 vehicle computer, which in turn, controls an air flow manifold. A suspension air tank is used as a oxygen mixing chamber. Among other parts, the team is also employing a Model 3 touchscreen as a controller.

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