“I Am Very Excited About Electric Cars” – Daimler CEO Ola Källenius

The CEO of Daimler, Mercedes-Benz maker, Ola Källenius in an interview shared by YouTuber Supercar Bloodie, said he is super excited about the future of electric cars.

According Ola, Daimler production is almost fully back to normal. Although he said demand is still struggling to be back to normal, but he is confidence that that too will soon be back to normal.

Ola made some predictions about the future of automobile

  1. Interactive Car Key: Starting engine, opening door, drive off from the key.
  2. Your Voice As Key: Ola predicts drivers will soon be able to use just their voices to control their cars. “We have natural language in Mercedes and it works phenomenally well, I think that will move outside of the car in the not too distance future.” – Ola. In the not too distance future, your voice will be your key.
  3. Reinventing the original invention: Going fully electric.
  4. Private Car Demand Will Increase Due To Covid-19: The need for protective space, your own car, will skyrocket due to covid-19, Ola says. “People will not want to limit their movement, so the need for your own protective space that belongs to you may become more important, which speaks for using your car, your own individual car and more” – Ola

Organic Based Battery Chemistry

Organic based battery chemistry that can be compose-able. According to Ola, Daimler is working on something futuristic in their research department. A battery that can be easily recyclable once used.

An organic radical battery (ORB) is a type of battery first developed in 2005. As of 2011, this type of battery was generally not available for the consumer, although their development at that time was considered to be approaching practical use. ORBs are potentially more environmentally friendly than conventional metal-based batteries, because they use organic radical polymers (flexible plastics) to provide electrical power instead of metals. ORBs are considered to be a high-power alternative to the Li-ion battery. Functional prototypes of the battery have been researched and developed by different research groups and corporations including the Japanese corporation NEC.

The Interview – Video

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