Tesla Is $22 Billion Away From Becoming World Most Valuable Vehicle Manufacturer

World most phenomenal vehicle maker Tesla Inc!. Is few billions of USD away from taking over the number 1 spot from Toyota Motor Corporation, to become world most valuable vehicle manufacturer.

Tesla Stock closed on Friday at $819.42, after rallying up over 5% in hopes that Tesla Fremont factory will resume manufacturing on Monday.

Friday rally brings the market cap of the electric vehicle maker back to $151.897 billion, placing it about $22 billion USD away from becoming world most valuable car marker.

Toyota Motor Corporation has been sitting on this number one spot for years and it doesn’t look to be giving that position up anytime soon, unless Tesla becomes more aggressively valuable.

The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed Toyota’ success down over the past few months, putting Toyota market cap at $171.678 billion USD.

On Monday, Toyota will resume its UK plant manufacturing, becoming the latest carmaker to resume manufacturing after the coronavirus pandemic shutdown in Britain. Tesla on the order hand is still struggling to resume its Fremont factory production, after the county officials believe its still not safe enough for citizens of the country to get back to work. Although Tesla production is fully back online in China.

We plan to keep this World Most Valuable Car Manufacturer related post coming over the next months, as the pandemic eases and life gets hopefully back to normal.

What do you think guys?, Do you think Tesla will successfully become the Alpha of the car industry?, will Toyota make it super difficult for Tesla by remaining the Boss of all Bosses?. Kindly share your opinions with us in the comment section.

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