Tesla Submits Third Application For Construction Preparations

According to the Brandenburg state government, Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc!. has submitted third application for construction preparatory measures. 

This moves can only mean that the self-driving carmaker may soon begin construction work. Tesla plans to manufacture around 500,000 electric cars a year in Grünheide from summer 2021.

Critics see, among other things, the public supply of drinking water in danger because of the settlement. That’s why Tesla plans to change the application for environmental approval that they have already submitted, as they also want to reduce water consumption.

Tesla is pushing super hard with its plan to build the most efficient electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Grünheide (Oder-Spree), also known by many as Giga-Berlin.

Here are some of the latest photos and videos of the Giga Berlin construction.

As of March 5, over 360 residents and associations had opposed Tesla’ idea of coming to Grünheide, Brandenburg. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, any further public debate has been postponed indefinitely until Covid-19 is suppressed or gone.

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