Giga Berlin Model Y Will Be Revolutionary Says Elon Musk

Tesla CEO is back at it again. This time he hinted that the to be made in Giga Berlin Tesla Model Y is something all automakers must watch as it is going to be revolutionary in the history of automotive body engineering.

Road to Giga Berlin!.

In Response to a tweet made by twitter user and Tesla super fan @EvaFoxU, about weather Volvo’s made in China Tesla Model Y is all about reverse engineering the powerful vehicle or not, Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied with suggestion and hints that the Model Y that will be made in Berlin once the Giga Berlin construction is completed, is something Volvo and possibly all other automakers that would like to copy the engineering features of the Model Y may want to wait for and study very closely.

Why Elon Musk believes the made in Berlin Model Y will be revolutionary is yet to be known as he didn’t provide further details yet.

One thought on “Giga Berlin Model Y Will Be Revolutionary Says Elon Musk

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