First Photo Of A BYD Han EV Crash

Just a few days after the BYD Han mid-to-large luxury sedan electric vehicle goes on sale in China, a new owner crashed his!.

This is the first time you will see a BYD Han crash photo. The owner seems to be safe and didn’t sustain any serious injury, judging from the car involved.

This photo was shared by a friend on Twitter that goes by the handle “Ray4Tesla”, a Tesla enthusiast.

According to Ray, the BYD Han owner only want to take the newly purchased vehicle out for a spin, but sadly crashed it. It looks like its the extended-range variant of the premium model which is priced at 255,800 RM. It took BYD ten years to get this beautifully looking car into the hands of customers…. and could be the model that allows BYD to break through to Europe and the U.S. if it attracts enough EV market share. A market dominated by Tesla.

With its 77-kilowatt-hour or 65-kWh battery packs, the Han can go 376 or 314 miles on the NEDC standard, according to the company.

We will be covering BYD related news as time goes on. ;).

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