Introducing Triton EV – Could This Later Become The Tesla Of India?

Founded by Himanshu Patel, a man said to have extensive experience in the electronics industry, Triton claims it has built the first EV battery that can drive over 700 miles on a single 2 hours charge.

 CEO of Triton EV – Himanshu B. Patel 

Unlike Tesla that is highly focused on sedans, trucks, and sports cars, Triton EV has focused on SUV for the real ballers a.k.a celebrities.

Triton is not new in the electronics space, as it started as Triton Solar, a company with years of experience whenever it comes to storing electric power. Triton Solar sells energy products such as Pandora Box, Solar Power Storage Battery, Portable Battery, Mega Watts Power Container, Light Towers, Printed Solar, and Printed light.

In an interview with IPO Edge, Mr. Patel explained that the New Jersey-based company continues to expand and is evaluating several states for its first factory. Triton currently builds solar power storage, portable batteries, and light towers and has operations around the world. Looking into the future, Mr. Patel said Triton has already secured quite a few high-profile orders for the SUV. And if a few NBA players want to show them off on Instagram, that’d be just fine with him.

The revolutionary new subsidiary of Triton Solar, Triton-EV, is made up of the premier automotive engineers from IIT Bombay, India’s most prestigious technical university.

Is Triton EV going to be the Tesla Of India?

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is yet to decide on whether Tesla will build a factory in India or not, and Triton EV CEO is from India.

Before Himanshu Patel found Triton Solar, he served as a trained engineer and founded two additional companies in the electronics sector. A car enthusiast in his own right, it said that it was his passion and vision that led to the founding of the Triton-EV.

Although you can hardly find anything about this gentleman on the internet, if I were him, I would be looking into the Indian market already. As an Indian, I believe the Indian Government and the people of India will dance easily to his tune if he decides to build something portable for the common Indians, something that is completely different from celebrity target huge SUVs.

Pre Order Sold Out!.

It’s presently impossible to pre-order the Triton SUV as the first 100 Founder’s Edition Model H vehicles have already been reserved for pre-order.

Triton-EV is also interested in partnering with equally passionate individuals to open Triton-EV dealerships across the globe, starting right in the U.S.A.

Tesla Direct Sales Approach Is Costing Tesla

According to the interview with IPO Edge, Triton CEO believes Tesla’s direct sales approach is a bad idea. “Why recreate something that is not broken? Selling through dealerships is a proven model that allows us to penetrate global markets at a fraction of the cost. We have already been approached and identified dealerships in 21 countries so far. We are closing agreements with them as we speak. This also gives us increased speed to market and sales.” Patel added

We Have The Best Battery Range And Ability In The Market

Patel believes no one has the battery that they have in terms of power range and the ability to use the battery to plug into your house to power your entire household with the “Power Home Link”(patent pending). “Another thing we will focus on is the motor controller” – Patel

“You can’t call the current EV’s long-distance” – Patel

According to him, all EV makers are lying about having a long-range, as their vehicles cannot reach long distances on one charge. “So far, that has not happened and will not happen until our vehicle hits the market. EVs, right now — no matter how companies market them — are for the short-range. You can’t call the current EV’s long-distance if you have to stop and charge the battery for two hours during your journey. How frustrating is that and more to the point isn’t that complete miss-selling?! ” Patel added.


The Model H, Triton’s base model vehicle will be priced at $140,000. It will come with so many in-built benefits with a lighter battery that lasts longer and can power your home if you choose, according to Patel.

The Battery Specs

Patel said their battery weighs 1,800 pounds for 200 kilowatts of energy, which ofc on paper is incredibly lighter than most batteries out there that weigh 2,500 pounds for 100 kilowatts. “In short, we save 700 pounds and are at least two times more powerful than our nearest competitor. This is truly a game-changing scenario. Our unique technology allows us to do this. So far, we have invested close to $100 million in developing our battery technology.” – Patel adds.

So guys, what do you think?. A possible Tesla killer in the SUV section?. The Tesla of India in the making?.

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