“Tesla Could Be The World’s Most Valuable Company Before 2030” – VW CEO Herbert Diess

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess who plans to sell over 20 million electric vehicles before 2030, believes Tesla could be the world’s most valuable company before 2030.

The CEO of Tesla Inc!., currently the CEO of the most valuable vehicle maker in the world, with a market cap of about $280 billion, has received huge praise from rival company Volkswagen AG‘ CEO Herbert Diess on LinkedIn Post.

Diess is most likely the only CEO of a Tesla competitor out there, that praises Elon Musk on every milestone he reaches and hopes to emulate Elon’s achievements with Tesla.

In response to a post by auto industry researcher Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, VW CEO Diess praises Musk for doing the impossible. “Elon Musk delivers results that many have deemed impossible,” Diess wrote

According to Diess “in five to ten years the world’s most valuable company will be a mobility company — that can be called Tesla, Apple or Volkswagen.

With over €33 billion, dumped into R&D, Diess is not slowing down on his plans to drive Volkswagen towards being the world’s largest electric carmaker.

“I think we [Musk and VW] make a good pair because he is pulling ahead and we are fast followers” – Diess.

What do you guys think?… Do you see Tesla taking over tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google before 2030?.

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