Tesla To Hire Over 1000 People In Shanghai

Electric vehicle giant Tesla Inc!. goes nuts in a cumbersome hiring spree, in anticipation of the made in china Model-Y sport-utility vehicles.

Tesla’s human resources department’s official WeChat account posts indicate Tesla is on a massive hiring spree, Reuters reports.

The electric vehicle giant plans to hire over 1000 new people to help move our world to a super sustainable one.

Tesla sought to hire designers in China, although the posts did not indicate how many Chinese designers the electric vehicle giant is planning to hire.

According to the posts, Tesla wants to hire about 1000 factory workers and as many designers as possible, as Tesla is looking to build a Made and Designed in China models.

Another job post by the Lingang local government indicates that Tesla also plans to hire over 500 workers for bodywork, stamping, and paint jobs. Also, Tesla plans to hire over 100 workers for quality checks, 200 for warehousing and logistics work, and about 20 workers for security positions. Crazy hiring spree right?.

In Q2, Tesla delivered about 30,000 vehicles in China, most of which are made in China. Tesla is presently constructing new manufacturing facilities for the manufacturing of Model Y, which is expected to begin next year in Giga Shanghai.

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