Demand For Tesla Is Strong – Elon Musk

This popular topic concerning if Tesla is facing demand predicament or not was answered by the CEO Elon Musk in an Automotive News’ Daily Drive podcast released on Friday.

According to Mr. Musk, the company’s electric vehicle demand is super strong despite the coronavirus pandemic, with consumers choosing to shop online instead of offline.

Musk believes having a traditional dealer network, which is something he considered in the past, appears increasingly unnecessary.

“We saw strong orders through the whole pandemic, we still had a good order volume,” Musk said. “I guess people are less inclined to want to go to a dealership, do the test drive, and hang out in the lobby and that kind of thing.”

When asked about the massive 2020 over 230% rally of Tesla Stock, Musk said the market has a way of sorting itself out, and that as long as Tesla keeps manufacturing great cars to meet up demand, investors would be happy.

He also appreciates China by saying “China rocks in my opinion. There are a lot of smart, hard-working people and … they’re not entitled, they’re not complacent, whereas I see in the United States increasingly much more complacency and entitlement.” he said.

During the Q2 earnings call, Musk also insisted Tesla doesn’t have a demand problem, Tesla has just a couple of manufacturing problem instead, he added. Reasonably that’s why Tesla continues building more and more factories to meet up with demand.

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