Cybertruck Is A Futuristic Battle Tank – Elon Musk

As someone that loves setting the trend, Tesla CEO admits he didn’t build the Cybertruck based on customer’s feedback, but simply because he wanted to build an ass-kicking futuristic battle tank.

In an exclusive interview with Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein last week, Elon Musk dived super deep into the CyberTruck anatomy.

Two weeks ago, Tesla was banned by a Germany court from using the word “Auto Pilot” in any of its ads, after an industry-sponsored body in Germany known as Germany’s Wettbewerbszentrale (tasked with policing anti-competitive practices) had successfully won a case against Tesla in Munich, Germany. When asked about his opinion on the matter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls it “Idiotic”

“I must be doing something right, as far as my managing style’s concerned,” Musk said. “Tesla’s worth twice as much as the rest of the U.S. auto industry combined.”, even though he admitted not to be paying attention to the electric vehicle market. Perfect comment from trendsetters.

Cybertruck Is A Futuristic Battle Tank

According to Musk, he doesn’t feel pressured for the Cybertruck to be successful. “We just made a car we thought was awesome and looks super weird. I just wanted to make a futuristic battle tank — something that looks like it could come out of Blade Runner or Aliens or something like that but was also highly functional.”

“It can be a better sports car than a Porsche 911, a better truck than an F-150, and it’s armored and looks sort of kick-ass from the future. That was the goal, recognizing this could be a complete failure,” he said. “But I wasn’t super worried about that because if it turns out nobody wants to buy a weird-looking truck, we’ll build a normal truck, no problem. There are lots of normal trucks out there that look pretty much the same; you can hardly tell the difference. And sure, we could just do some copycat truck; that’s easy. So that’s our fallback strategy.”

Cybertruck Is For The People

“We’re not really trying to target anyone,” he said. “If they like the Cybertruck, cool. If they don’t, yeah. We’re not trying to play some marketing game. We’re just trying to create products that people will love.”

 “The truck you want in the apocalypse is the Cybertruck.” – Elon Musk

“So it’s probably helpful in the apocalypse,” he said. “Things are seeming more apocalyptic these days. Let me tell you, the truck you want in the apocalypse is the Cybertruck.”

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