Volkswagen Group Head Diess Drives From Germany To Italy in ID.3

Former Volkswagen CEO is taking LinkedIn to another whole new level!. Could this make Tesla CEO Elon Musk be jealous?.

Volkswagen in June named Ralf Brandstaetter as the new CEO of its core VW car brand, replacing Herbert Diess, who retains his title as head of Volkswagen Group.

Twitter Is For Tesla – LinkedIn Is For VW

Volkswagen Group Head Herbert Diess prefers to use LinkedIn (mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs), while Tesla CEO Elon Musk can only be found on Twitter (a microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets”.).

Diess and his daughter Caro (pics below) went to pick up the ID.3 at a Volkswagen store in Munich. He picked up the car and drove straight to Italy on the same day.

Diess and his daughter Caro at a Volkswagen ID.3 store.

Mit dem E-Auto in den Urlaub – geht nicht? Geht wohl! Ich habe mir mit meiner Tochter Caro in München aus dem ID.3 Pop-up-Store ein Fahrzeug für meinen Sommerurlaub in Italien abgeholt.

Die Vorfreude bei mir ist groß, die Tour gilt offiziell als Erprobungsfahrt. Heißt: Der Chef testet selbst. Mir wurde berichtet, dass das einige Kollegen bei Volkswagen Passenger Cars nervös macht, wenn ich das Fahrzeug nun persönlich über zwei Wochen intensiv teste. Ich selbst bin da sehr entspannt: Das Team um Thomas Ulbrich hat gute Arbeit geleistet, der ID.3 macht bei allen Testfahrten einen sehr guten Eindruck und bekommt tolle Noten. Das wird super!

Die Daten meiner Fahrt werden mitgeschrieben und ausgewertet. Das hilft, um den Kundinnen und Kunden am Ende das bestmögliche Fahrzeug auszuliefern. Ich werde mit Ihnen hier bei LinkedIn im Anschluss selbstverständlichen einen ausführlichen Erfahrungsbericht teilen. Ich werde auch gucken, wie weit die Ladeinfrastruktur bereits ist.

So, jetzt geht’s aber los! Elektrisch in den Urlaub!

[ID.3 Pro Performance, 150 kW / Stromverbrauch kombiniert in kWh/100 km: 16,9 – 15,4 (WLTP); 15,4 – 14,5 (NEFZ); CO2-Emissionen kombiniert in g/km: 0]

Going on holiday with the electric car – isn’t it? Go well! I picked up a vehicle for my summer holiday in Italy with my daughter Caro in Munich from the ID.3 pop-up store.

The anticipation with me is great, the tour is officially considered a test drive. This means that the boss tests himself. I have been told that this makes some colleagues at Volkswagen Passenger Cars nervous when I personally test the vehicle intensively for over two weeks. I myself am very relaxed: The team around Thomas Ulbrich has done a good job, the ID.3 makes a very good impression on all test drives and gets great marks. That’s going to be great!

The data of my trip will be co-written and evaluated. This helps to deliver the best possible vehicle to customers in the end. I will share with you a detailed report of LinkedIn experience here. I will also look at how far the charging infrastructure is already.

So, now we’re off! Electric on holiday!

[ID.3 Pro Performance, 150 kW / Power consumption combined in kWh/100 km: 16.9 – 15.4 (WLTP); 15.4 – 14.5 (NEDC); CO2 emissions combined in g/km: 0]

Translated with Google Translator.

LinkedIn is more formal, you have to know the person to connect with them, be a member of the same group or ask someone for an introduction. On Twitter you can follow anyone you want. The one advantage LinkedIn has over Twitter is that you can own your contact database; you can download it and keep it.

The Social Experiment…

Who else would love to hear what Elon Musk thinks of this?.

I think its great Diess is reminding us that he is also human like the rest of us, and he is taking his time to show us how much he believes in ID.3.

I would love to see Volkswagen’s success in the EV sector. What do you guys think?.

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