Tesla Receives Approval To Erect Concrete Piles

This is a big deal for Tesla gigaberlin construction. On Monday, Tesla finally received a building permit from the Environmental Office in Grünheide, Brandenburg, which will allow Tesla to continue the construction of the factory. 

according to a corresponding statement, this latest approval will allow Tesla to erect piles for the foundations. This comes after Tesla massively reduced the number of piles needed for the factory from over 10,000 pieces to just about 1100 pieces, to be used. According to a Tesla spokesperson last week Friday, Tesla has already installed about 500.

This move will cost Tesla financially, but it is a very important move that helps the environment. The responsible authority gave Tesla this approval because it’s certain that Tesla had already met the requirement and judgment is going to be in favor of Tesla.

 According to the State Office, six new objections have been received as part of the second public participation since the beginning of July, and six objectors have added their objections from the first public participation. Overall, however, this would not require any other assessment by the authorities.

According to the State Office, six new objections were received since the beginning of July… Overall, however, this would not require any other assessment by the authorities.

Gigaberlin Is Being Built At Tesla’s Risk

Tesla is yet to receive the final approval for the construction of Gigaberlin, as there are several obstacles set by the opposition parties that are against the factory project.

Tesla continues working at its own risk until a final building permit is granted.

  • No water-polluting substances must be able to get into the ground
  • Noise measurements during the work should ensure that the noise protection regulations are complied with
  • Tesla must ensure that the vibrations generated during construction do not endanger nearby roads and railways

If Tesla is not given the final building permit, the project risk cancellation, and all the constructed buildings may be removed from the site.

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