“We’re Focused On Developing New Products & Scaling Production” – Elon Musk

Tesla CEO in a response to one of his over 38 million Twitter followers on Wednesday, made it clear that Tesla is completely focused on developing new products, and scaling production.

The twitter user, popular for his tweets and YouTube videos about SpaceX, another Musk’s company, asked if there has ever been a consideration for a legit racing branch of Tesla, such as Formula E, Rally, drag racing. “It’d sure be fun to see and help show off the tech!” he adds. Musk replied with a NO!.

Tesla presently has a lot of things going on almost at the same time, and the CEO hands must be super full as well because in two day’s time, he will be showing the world what one of his companies has achieved, am talking about Neurallink.

Musk has spoken repeatedly about his belief that BMI devices are needed to help humans keep up with AI by supplementing our brainpower, but right now, his goal is much simpler: to create an implantable device that lets people control phones or computers with their mind. more on the verge.

According to Elon Musk, Neuralink will be demonstrating a working device, which is believed to be an interface for brain and computer, at 6 PM ET on Friday.  Neuralink is developing implantable brain–machine interfaces (BMIs). In July, Elon Musk said Neuralink has already implanted chips in rats and plans to test its brain-machine interface in humans within two years, with a long-term goal of people “merging with AI.” In June Musk said Neuralink chip will allow humans to stream music directly to brain, he also said that Neuralink “could help control hormone levels and use them to our advantage (enhanced abilities and reasoning, anxiety relief, etc.).”

According to Elon Musk in July “Tesla German-built Model Y is going to be ‘a revolution in auto body engineering’. He has spoken a lot about the upcoming German-built Tesla Model Y, which he claims is going to be “a revolution in automotive body engineering.”.

Just last week, Musk said that Tesla has managed to turn what was originally 70 parts in Model 3’s rear underbody into just two parts in the Model Y electric SUV. … Last month, Musk admitted that it has been “tricky to maintain rates and keep growing the rate for Model Y casting.”

Yesterday, Tesla made an announcement that it started operating the world’s largest casting machine at the Fremont factory. This machine will also be used to manufacture Tesla Model Y in Germany, once the construction of the first European factory is complete.

Multi-directional single casting machine for car body has started operation at Tesla Fremont factory.

Guys, just when you think you have seen it all, Tesla comes out with something completely new and crazy. What do you guys think Tesla is working on that is bigger than them getting involve in Formula E sport?.

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