A Train Carrying Hundreds Of Tesla M3 & MX Spotted In Denmark

Several websites reported last week that Tesla’s sales are going down in Europe, but this will shock you!.

This is huge guys, a twitter user with the handle @mortenlund89 just shared a video of a train on Storebaelt Bridge in Denmark, carrying what he calls hundreds of Tesla Model 3 and Model X. He said his source is: Henrik Nielsen on Tesla Owners Denmark fb-group

He suggested the train is possibly headed towards Sweden or Norway because the train is going towards Eastern Denmark.

Just a few days ago, a Long time Tesla bearish analysts Gordon Johnson claimed Tesla demand has fallen in Europe in July, but if this sighting is as claimed as the twitter user, Tesla might have delayed the European countries’ delivery till towards the end of the third quarter.

Tesla is known to mostly delay deliveries in the first and second months of each quarter, due to production ramping, but mostly go all-in on delivery in the very last two weeks of each quarter.

The billionaire CEO has repeatedly asked employees to work hard to allow the electric car maker to break even in several past quarters.

In June, according to an internal email seen by Reuters, Musk encouraged employees to quickly build and deliver vehicles at the end of the quarter to meet specific targets after production was disrupted due to restrictions tied to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Breaking even is looking super tight,” Musk said in the Monday email. “Really makes a difference for every car you build and deliver. Please go all out to ensure victory!”

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