“Elevator music is underrated ” – Elon Musk’s Coded Tweet Decoded!.

Am going to decode the latest coded tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk in this post.

  • Date: If we take a look at the time: 11:01 PM, it has almost no meaning at the moment. As 11 could be the 11th day in January 2021, or simply the 1st of November 2020.The Meaning: Both of these dates have no known meaning at the moment. So I will watch out for these two days.
  • The Video: The video share by the 4th richest man in the world is a video of a part of SpaceX rocket, fairing being caught by Ms Tree. Yesterday Falcon 9 launches 58 Starlink satellites and 3 Planetlabs SkySats – the first time a booster has completed six flights to and from orbit. The Meaning: It can only mean Elon Musk reminding Tesla investors that there is strong support below the present price level. And they need not fear.
  • Elevator music is underrated“: This is the most interesting part. If you google the meaning of Elevator music, you will find this: “What does Elevator mean?: one that raises or lifts something up: such as. a: an endless belt or chain conveyor with cleats, scoops, or buckets for raising material. b: a cage or platform and its hoisting machinery for conveying people or things to different levels. c: grain elevator.” – http://www.merriam-webster.com. “Platform” is another name for Elevator. “Elevator music, more commonly known as Muzak, came to use in the 1922 with original purpose to calm the fearful passengers who used the elevators for the first time.” – http://www.elevatorhistory.net


Elevator music came to use in the 1920. Tesla Stock price yesterday hits a $1,920 mark. Is that a coincidence?

Lots of investors must have sold their positions yesterday thinking the rally was based on no news, according to most analysts.

The stock’s day’s range is ($1,845.11 – $1,923.87) and Tesla Market Cap. is now $351.682 billion.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk in May 2020 said the price of his electric vehicle giant company was too high in his opinion when the shares were trading around $800.

Tesla Is Now Worth $342 Billion – Elon Musk Now World’s 4th Richest Man

Check this one out guys; found this genius piece on Twitter. Ofc, I am in Germany which happens to have a different time-frame than the USA, so it wasn’t easy for me to figure this one out!.

Found this on twitter.

Chairs are underappreciated

Check this last one out guys, in January 28th 2020, Elon musk said “Chairs are underappreciated“.

This kind of tweets are not common. Only Tesla CEO is able to pull them off nicely, without getting into any sorts of troubles. Genius!.

“Tesla is absurdly overvalued” – Elon Musk’s Coded Tweet Decoded!.

Am going to decode 2 top coded tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk in this post. This is a post I wrote some weeks ago but just didn’t publish it until today.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk in May 2020 said the price of his electric vehicle giant company was too high in his opinion when the shares were trading around $800.

Tesla Is Now Worth $342 Billion – Elon Musk Now World’s 4th Richest Man

“Tesla shares tumble as Musk says company’s stock is overvalued” became a hot topic on the internet and on twitter, as investors question if his twitter account has not been hacked, again!.

The tweet wiped off $14 billion (€12.8 billion) of Tesla’s market value and some $3 billion from Musk’s own stake in Tesla. The guy was literally telling us what he believed was going to happen in August, but we were to blind to see.

I think Elon Musk was trying to indirectly suggest the share price of Tesla was ridiculously undervalued?. And he was kinda advising we the followers/investors to consider buying more shares of the electric vehicle giant.

Is your mind blown yet?. keep reading.

Check this out guys, In 2017, Elon Musk replied to a post from a Tesla follow, which reads: “Stock price reflects the future (potential) of the company, not the present… #101“, are you familiar with what happened after that tweet?.

The CEO then replied with: “Exactly. Tesla is absurdly overvalued if based on the past, but that’s irrelevant. A stock price represents risk-adjusted future cash flows.”.

The next time to see the Electric giant CEO tweet about price of the Stock, take your time to dig a bit deeper, and try to figure out what message he is trying to convey to you.

Check this one out guys; found this genius piece on Twitter. Ofc, I am in Germany which happens to have a different time-frame than the USA, so it wasn’t easy for me to figure this one out!.

found this on twitter.

Who here remembers when Elon Musk tweeted that TSLA stock was too high?, He tweeted that on May first. 5/1. 5 for 1 split. That tweet was his way to telling us he was going to split the stock.

Chairs are underappreciated

Check this last one out guys, in January 28th 2020, Elon musk said “Chairs are underappreciated“.

This kind of tweets are not common. Only Tesla CEO is able to pull them off nicely, without getting into any sorts of troubles. Genius!.

Is NIO Better Than TESLA?

Electric vehicle enthusiasts have 3 things in common, they believe that our automotive future lies in intelligent, electrically powered, and autonomous self-driving vehicles, as stated on the NIO website.

While the CEO of Tesla Inc. Elon Musk is already helping us to transition into a sustainable future through several initiatives, NIO is also taking us into the future continuously.

This blog post is not really a NIO is better or Tesla is a more reliable EV-making company blog post, it’s instead an educational post that takes us back in time and little into the future of electric vehicle manufacturing and autonomous technology.

BREAKING NEWS: NIO made an announcement yesterday via WeChat that its 50,000th vehicle roll off the production line at the JAC-NIO Advanced Manufacturing Center in Hefei, only 783 days after the first one coming out.

There seems to be some kind of pressure between Tesla fans and NIO fans. The later believes NIO is the Tesla of China, which may as well mean Tesla is not needed in China as there is NIO, while the former believes Tesla is already in China and Tesla is without a doubt the Tesla of China.

Do you think NIO is truly the Tesla of China?, and do you think NIO will beat Tesla at its game by doing way better than Tesla in the future in China?. Is NIO better than Tesla?.

Alright!, lets dig deeper into weather NIO is better than Tesla or not, by comparing both company and what makes them stand out among the rest.

NIO has a strong commitment to brighten the world of tomorrow, and so does Tesla. Tesla didn’t just become World Most Valuable Car-Marker overnight if they didn’t mean business.


Tesla is 9 years older than NIO, which makes Tesla the elephant in the room. Tesla surely has more experience in this space than NIO.

  1. NIO, founded in 2014, is just 6-year-old. NIO believes the automotive industry is on the threshold of profound change and believes it’s not just products and technologies that need to be changed but also the use of these products and how they are experienced by the customer as their owner. NIO wants you to feel good when you own their car.
  2. Tesla, founded in 2003 is now 17-year-old. Tesla was founded by some smart engineers that wanted to prove that electric vehicles can be better than ICE vehicles, by offering more power, acceleration, and driving pleasure. Today Tesla builds not only pure electric vehicles but also unlimited scalable power generation and storage products. “In 2008, Tesla unveiled groundbreaking battery and electric drive technologies with the Roadster. This laid the foundation for the world’s first premium sedan with a purely electric drive – the Model S , which received top marks in every rating category.” – Tesla

Is NIO truly the Tesla of China?.. Let’s keep digging.


  1. Tesla operates almost 500 stores and galleries around the world and over 80 service centers in 34 countries. Over 200 Tesla stories and centers are outside the United States. 4 years ago, about 96 Tesla dealers and galleries were recorded to be in the U.S. alone. As of last year, Tesla has it’s feet on the ground in 31 countries, which includes: United States, Germany, China, France, Italy, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Austria, among others. – Tesla
  2. NIO operates in less than 10 countries at the moment. NIO can be found in these 5 countries: U.S.A (San Jose), China (Beijing, Shanghai,..), Germany (Munich), U.K. (London). – NIO


  1. Tesla currently operates several factories around the world. The popular ones are;
    1. Gigafactory 1: Tesla Giga Nevada is a lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle subassembly factory near Reno, Nevada. The facility is owned and operated by Tesla, Inc. to supply the battery packs for its electric vehicles and stationary storage systems.
    2. Gigafactory 2: Tesla Giga New York is a photovoltaic cell factory leased by Tesla subsidiary SolarCity in Buffalo, New York. The factory, owned by the State of New York, was built on brownfield land remediated from a former steel mill. Construction of the factory started in 2014 and was completed in 2016–17. Wikipedia
    3. Gigafactory 3: Tesla Giga Shanghai is a factory in Shanghai, China operated by Tesla, Inc. The facility is currently producing final assemblies of the Tesla Model 3 and will produce Tesla Model Y, with Y deliveries slated to begin in January 2021.
    4. Tesla Fremont, California: Comprises 5.3 million square feet of manufacturing and office space on 370 acres of land. By the end of this year, Tesla plans to have 500,000 cars coming out of the factory and to fully automate its manufacturing system to make this happen, having already increased the production rate at the Fremont factory by 400% since its launch.
    5. Gigafactory 4: Berlin, Germany. Under-construction.
  2. NIO formerly known as NextEV signed a $10 billion strategic partnership with JAC Motors in 2016, later that year the Chinese EV-manufacturer NextEV renamed itself to NIO. The company website NextEV.com now reroutes to NIO. NIO currently operates no production factory of their own, they instead run a joint manufacturing plant with JAC Motors.
    • Jianghuai Automobile, likewise known as JAC Motors, is the main investor in the existing joint venture plant in Hefei that is Nio’s main production base.
    • NIO, which is also backed by Tencent Holdings, cut thousands of jobs and dropped plans to construct its own manufacturing facility in Shanghai last year because of mounting losses.

Charging vs Battery Swapping

Tesla uses direct plugin battery charging technology, while NIO uses battery swap stations. NIO swap technology is something some investors are worried won’t be around in the next 5 years, perhaps that is why NIO is aggressively building high-speed charging stations.

NIO Battery Swapping Station
  1. Tesla has over 15000 charging stations throughout the world. A tremendous jump from the 2016 recorded number of 3,100 charging stations according to Thinknum.
  2. NIO has over 130 battery swap stations and is also building out a network of high-speed “superchargers”. NIO is one of the EV-Makers out there utilizing the battery swap technology effectively. In May 2018, NIO opened its first battery swap station in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, dubbed the “Power Swap Station”. Only batteries for ES8 vehicles would be possible from this station back then. As of today, NIO battery swapping takes less than 6 minutes to be completed.
    • Another notable thing about NIO battery swapping is that customers that have for example the 70 kWh pack can swap it for another 70 kWh pack for free but if they want an 84 kWh pack, for a long trip, for instance, they can rent it for $10 per day. I’m sure the 100 kWh pack will be available also, but the rental fee has not yet been announced.  More about a first-hand experience can be found on Insideevs.
    • All NIO future premium models that come with swappable batteries are still eligible under the new Chinese EV subsidy policy.

Autonomous Self-Driving Technology

NIO Nomi.
  1. While Tesla vehicles are not considered fully autonomous yet, or Level 5, they are equipped with a super-advanced driver assistance system than most other vehicles on the road today. Tesla Hardware 2 that gives Tesla vehicles the power to self-drive, includes about 8 surround cameras, about 12 ultrasonic sensors, in addition to forward-facing radar with enhanced processing capabilities. According to Tesla during 2019 Q3, autopilot is near 9x times safer than average human driving.
    • Last week Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a previously recorded video presented at World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, China reiterated that Tesla is super close to developing fully autonomous vehicles, capable of self-driving with no human behind the wheel.
    • Tesla develops and deploys autonomy at scale. According to their website, they believe that an approach based on advanced AI for vision and planning, supported by efficient use of inference hardware is the only way to achieve a general solution to full self-driving.
  2. NIO has an AI known as Nomi in every one of their cars. It’s described as the world’s first in-vehicle artificial intelligence on their website. The coolest thing about this Nomi is that whenever you open the door to your car, Nomi says hello to you, turns toward you, and blinks at you with good humor.
    • “We used our intuition,” said AI specialist Tao Liang, Nio’s Engineering Director for Machine Learning. “We created different kinds of nodding, different motion curves, and asked our customers to tell us which ones seemed most natural.” In other words, an overly mechanical type of movement would have been less organic and friendly. “We believe that Nomi is enhancing the emotional bond with users,” said Liang. “So, we’re sticking with it for all the future vehicles.”

Market Cap.

Now lets talk about these two big boys’ market cap.

Tesla is currently the most valuable vehicle maker in the world, with a current market cap of $278.368 billion, while NIO has a market cap of $13.136 billion.

Last week, NIO Stock fell over 24% after Goldman Sachs analyst Fei Fang downgraded shares of NIO from BUY to SELL while reiterating a $7.00 price target. 

Tesla Stock closed on Friday at $1500, while NIO closed at $11.09. Some analysts believe NIO is relatively undervalued due to its Made-In-China by China idea. They believe NIO has an upper-hand than Tesla in China because NIO is a 100% Chinese company, backed by the Chinese government with billions of dollars and an advantageous subsidy.

According to Fang, the NIO share price reflects ‘over-optimism’. NIO share tumbled almost 20% on Friday alone following the analyst’s downgrade. Are you an NIO buyer at the price level?


  • NIO delivered 10,331 electric SUVs in Q2
  • Tesla delivered 90,650 vehicles in Q2

Tesla is set to report Q2 earnings after market closes on the 22nd of July, in 3 days’ time. This is a huge date for both companies, as whatever affects Tesla, will predict what could possibly affect NIO come next month.

Do you think Tesla will smash estimates like always?. Will Tesla finally make it to S&P 500?. Kindly share your opinion with us in the comment section.

Meanwhile, check out this video about NIO last week’ drop.

“Tesla is not the last carmaker in California” – Faraday Future

The startup that begs Creditors to rally behind its bankrupt founder, and most recently received a $9 million government pandemic loan is out attacking the most successful electric car manufacturer in the world, and the second most valuable carmaker in the world.

Faraday Future is an American start-up technology company focused on the development of electric vehicles, founded in 2014 and based in California U.S.A.


Yesterday, the official twitter account of the electric carmaker sent out a tweet about their distaste of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’ ego, for calling Tesla the only carmaker in California.

According to Faraday Future, Tesla is not the only carmaker left in California, they are still in California and they appreciate the state and federal government’ efforts.

Faraday Future founder and main financial backer, Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, personally filed for bankruptcy in October. While his creditors (many of which are Chinese companies that lent him money for his failed tech conglomerate, LeEco) are largely on board with the payment plan he proposed, the process of confirming that plan has dragged on for months. Jia has said in court filings that potential investors in Faraday Future are waiting for his own personal bankruptcy case to be resolved before putting any money into the EV startup.

This is the same EV startup that is out attacking Elon Musk that runs over 4 successful life changing companies. Ofc, not everyone knows about the company. Feel free to use the comment section :D.

“I Am Very Excited About Electric Cars” – Daimler CEO Ola Källenius

The CEO of Daimler, Mercedes-Benz maker, Ola Källenius in an interview shared by YouTuber Supercar Bloodie, said he is super excited about the future of electric cars.

According Ola, Daimler production is almost fully back to normal. Although he said demand is still struggling to be back to normal, but he is confidence that that too will soon be back to normal.

Ola made some predictions about the future of automobile

  1. Interactive Car Key: Starting engine, opening door, drive off from the key.
  2. Your Voice As Key: Ola predicts drivers will soon be able to use just their voices to control their cars. “We have natural language in Mercedes and it works phenomenally well, I think that will move outside of the car in the not too distance future.” – Ola. In the not too distance future, your voice will be your key.
  3. Reinventing the original invention: Going fully electric.
  4. Private Car Demand Will Increase Due To Covid-19: The need for protective space, your own car, will skyrocket due to covid-19, Ola says. “People will not want to limit their movement, so the need for your own protective space that belongs to you may become more important, which speaks for using your car, your own individual car and more” – Ola

Organic Based Battery Chemistry

Organic based battery chemistry that can be compose-able. According to Ola, Daimler is working on something futuristic in their research department. A battery that can be easily recyclable once used.

An organic radical battery (ORB) is a type of battery first developed in 2005. As of 2011, this type of battery was generally not available for the consumer, although their development at that time was considered to be approaching practical use. ORBs are potentially more environmentally friendly than conventional metal-based batteries, because they use organic radical polymers (flexible plastics) to provide electrical power instead of metals. ORBs are considered to be a high-power alternative to the Li-ion battery. Functional prototypes of the battery have been researched and developed by different research groups and corporations including the Japanese corporation NEC.

The Interview – Video

Elon Musk’s Unlocks 1.69 Million Stock Options

On Tuesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk met all the requirements needed to unlock his 1.69 million stock options as written in his contract with Tesla’s board of directors.

In his contract are 12 tranches which are now fully unlocked, after all conditions were met. The latest and last unlocked condition was that Tesla’s average market capitalization over the past six months must hit $100 billion, which is now completely achieved.

Tesla Market Cap. presently sits on $144.354 billion, just about $26 billion from overtaking world most valuable car manufacturer, Toyota.

Other hardest three conditions, which involve a $100 billion USD trailing market value over 30 days, $20 billion USD in the company’s revenue, and $1.5 billion USD in earnings, were all met this week.

That said, Elon Musk is now officially $706 million USD richer if he chose to sell his unlocked 1.69 million stock options, which he can purchase at just $350.02 USD per share. With the electric vehicle manufacturer’s stock price at $768.21 USD, the CEO can potentially sell his shares immediately to make $706 million USD, the biggest amount ever paid at once to any executive in U.S. history.

Tesla Unveils Coronavirus Ventilator In Latest Video

Tesla Engineers unveils coronavirus ventilator they have designed and about to put into mass production, to help Covid-19 patients.

In the below video, Tesla engineers shows a behind-the-scene look at its ventilator design process and why it may be better than what is out there.

According to the video on Tesla’s YouTube channel, the design includes a touch screen, computer and control system from a Model 3 electric car. Tesla is taking advantage of components that are familiar, reliable and available, an engineer says in the video.

The Engineers can also been seen wearing protective face mask and hand gloves, while they keep good distance away from each other.

Like Ford and General Motors, Tesla engineers are building its vent with parts for its vehicles. The reason is simple: car parts are available. Automotive companies obsessively stage parts for final assemble. Without doing so, having a shortage on, say, door handles can shut down a production line. In this thought, Tesla engineers say in this video they are trying to use as many car parts as possible.

For instance, Tesla’s ventilator uses the Model 3 infotainment system to power a Model 3 vehicle computer, which in turn, controls an air flow manifold. A suspension air tank is used as a oxygen mixing chamber. Among other parts, the team is also employing a Model 3 touchscreen as a controller.

Collection Of Thank You Messages To Elon Musk For Donating N95 Masks & Ventilators

A collection of all some of the thank you tweets from Doctors, Nurses, Medical Experts, Hospitals to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, during this Covid-19 pandemic.

A big thanks to @flcnhvy for making this compilation easier.

Tesla CEO is known to be a target whenever he goes out of his way to help. In this latest episode of criticism, Musk is receiving criticism after the more than 1,000 ventilators he donated for COVID-19 relief were reportedly not the specific kind for use in intensive care units.

“All hospitals were given exact specifications of ResMed & Philips ventilators before delivery & all confirmed they would be critical,” Musk wrote on social media.

ResMed CEO Mick Farrell spoke on CNBC’s Mad Money, praising Musk for his donation and acknowledging that the machines were not the traditional ventilators, but the BPAP machines that have proved controversial.

“I think it’s great what Elon did,” Farrell said. “He went out and bought what I would call bi-level non-invasive ventilators from a platform of ours from five years ago from Asia and brought a thousand of them to New York.”

6 Reasons Why Tesla Will Survive Zombie Apocalypse – Elon Musk

Back in 2013 when the world most valuable electric automaker started to power its 480-volt Superchargers with solar panels and storing the electricity in lithium-ion battery packs, the CEO Elon Musk made a powerful statement that seems to fit this present scary coronavirus Corvid-19 period.

“when the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll still be able to drive your Model S electric sports sedan coast to coast in the US”

Elon Musk

Tesla is the most recession-proof automaker out there that is worth investing in for a longer period of time, that can withstand the current economic recession caused by the crash of Oil and the Corvid-19 coronavirus.

The Social Distancing Economy

  1. Air-condition and Heating: Tesla cars use a compressor that is “similar to the one in a domestic fridge. This means the air inside a Tesla car is much more cleaner than that of ICE cars. The compressor, like in your IC engine-powered car, pushes the refrigerant through the chilling unit and cools the air before reaching the AC vent. This means you air is very clean, as long as the doors/windows are shut. No air is literally coming into your car from outside.
  2. Buy A Tesla: To buy a Tesla car you don’t need any middleman/dealership. All you have to do is go to tesla.com, select your specs, input payment method, and hit the buy button. Your car can be delivered to your doorstep within days, depending on where you live. This eliminates contacts with potential sick workers or car sellers. You may then disinfect your car, and enjoy your healthy life.
  3. Tesla Is Loaded With Cash: Tesla now sits on over $8 billion in cash going into a recession. Yes they have some debts to settle this year, but with such a huge capital raised few weeks ago, the risk is off the table. Tesla was profitable in third and fourth quarters 2019, pushing Tesla stock price to fresh all-time-high closer to $1000, and the market capitalization above $100 billion, until most recently.
  4. Tesla Has Factories In USA and CHINA: Tesla is neither limited to one location nor is it limited to one continent. Tesla Giga Shanghai went into production last year in China where the coronavirus case is significantly slowing down, after record factory construction. The Shanghai factory was shutdown last month for about a week, but now fully back in making electric cars. Tesla is presently building a fourth Giga factory in Berlin, Germany. The factory is set to start producing Model Y in 2021 once construction is completed, with a target of over 150000 cars per year at start. Elon Musk is also presently looking for the fifth Giga Factory location to build the controversial Tesla Cybertruck.
  5. Tesla Infotainment: Tesla’s recent in-car infotainment moves include a service called “Caraoke” and linking to Netflix, Hulu and YouTube accounts. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk: “It’s not just some sort of transport utility device with no soul and no character.”.  Elon Musk has said it several times that his goal is to create an infotainment system that provides “the most amount of fun you can have in a car.”. This means, you can always drive to a beautiful beach side with amazing view with your family, and enjoy a in-car cinema experience.
  6. Over The Air Updates: Tesla vehicles regularly receive software updates via radio, which set up new features and improve existing functions via WLAN. As soon as an update becomes available, a message appears on your touchscreen. You then have the option to install the update immediately or at a later time. With the premium connectivity package set up, you can also download updates via the mobile phone connection of your vehicle. Your car never gets old!.

Alright guys, this list can surely go on and on but lets keep that for another post. Don’t doubt your vibes with Tesla, just buy it!.

Say Hello To Tesla Iron Lady “Robyn Denholm”

Dear Robyn Denholm,

Thank you for looking after our baby Tesla.

Yours, Frunkla.

In 2018 following Musk’s infamous “funding secured” tweet and the subsequent settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Robyn Denholm replaced Elon Musk as chair of company’s board. 

Elon Musk was asked to leave his role as chairman of the board at Tesla as a part of a settlement with the SEC following his infamous take of private tweets.

This Iron Lady has since done an amazing job to support Tesla CEO Elon Musk not only on the day to day activities of running the company, but also emotional.

Denholm was the CFO and Head of Strategy at Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, before joining Tesla as the Chairman.

Alright! not to write too much, this post is dedicated to this amazing Iron Lady, for her job well done!.