Checkout What German Politicians/Experts Think About Tesla Gigaberlin

The planned new electric vehicle factory of the US company Tesla in Grünheide near Berlin in Brandenburg is driving everyone crazy in Germany. Below are some quotes am able to put together from German politicians and some car experts about the ongoing Gigaberlin construction and Tesla coming to Germany in general.

  1. Federal Government’s SME Commissioner, Thomas Bareiß (CDU): “Tesla shows what is possible when political will, as well as efficient and fast processing procedures in administration and courts, meet the will to implement in business and industry,” said Bareiß to the “Handelsblatt” on Wednesday.
  2. Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics: If the final building permit is actually given in November, the duration of the procedure, at just twelve months, would be “more than a record,”. Tesla could not only stir up the German automobile market but also revolutionize our location in Germany in terms of approval procedures for industrial plants.
  3. Michael Hüther, Director of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW), speaks of a “signal effect”. The rapid construction progress in Grünheide is “a great example of how intelligent and early coordination after a fundamental decision can accelerate planning and implementation,” said Hüther to the “Handelsblatt”. The fact that Tesla is also planning battery production in Germany speaks for a “suction effect”.
  4. Industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer sees it similarly. “Tesla gives us development aid,” he told the newspaper. “Our suppliers are being drawn along with the car manufacturers.” The project is “a blessing for Germany”. “The body shell construction is very investment-intensive. Tesla needs fewer presses and welding robots and can thus achieve a good 20 to 30 percent cost savings in the shell construction, ”said the auto expert in an interview. “Once again, Tesla has a clear time advantage over other car manufacturers.”
  5. The Brandenburg Environment Minister Axel Vogel (Greens) praised Tesla for its project management. “Tesla is constantly working on improvements,” Vogel told the “Handelsblatt”. “Where other companies struggle, Tesla signals: We don’t want to create problems, we want to solve problems.” As an example, the minister cited the water consumption of the future factory, which is being built in a drinking water protection area. Annual water consumption has been more than halved from originally three million cubic meters to 1.4 million.

Tesla wants to roll off up to 500,000 vehicles a year in Grünheide in Brandenburg from July next year. The final environmental approval from the state of Brandenburg is still pending. Tesla is already building at its own risk with early approvals.

All Tesla Giga Factories In A Single Photo

In this wonderful post by a Reddit user u/brandude87, he compared the size of Tesla Giga factories graphically, placing them next to each other for perfect size comparison.

Giga Texas is a 2,000-acre site, and Tesla has already started the construction work. From the image, in my opinion, we could still see another Gigafactory in Asia, and I believe it will be a bigger one than Giga Shanghai.

As one of the companies growing massively year over year, Tesla is building factories after factories, to ramp up production of its models.

Giga Texas is the winner here. The factory once finished, is going to mass-produce Model 3, Model Y, Cybertruck, and Semi which is set to begin in 2021.

Tesla Giga Berlin is already coming together at an impossible-seeming speed, as predicted two days ago by CEO Elon Musk.

Checkout the photos below, as shared by a Tesla fan on twitter

Here is a video of Giga Texas as shared by YouTuber Terafactory Texas:

Giga-Berlin Reinforced Concrete Triggers Environmental Controversy

Electric vehicle giant Tesla is taking a big risk in the construction of Giga Berlin as the state of Brandenburg has not yet given Tesla the full environmental approval for Giga Berlin.

Germany has received over 370 objections to the Giga Berlin project so far. The Strausberg-Erkner water association had warned earlier that there might not be enough drinking water available for the further expansion of Giga Berlin.

as shared by CEO – Elon Musk – Tesla Giga Berlin 2020

Conservationist Julia Neigel, a popular singer in Germany, who has written five petitions in the project “Initiative Against Gigafactory Grünheide”, fears consequences for drinking water.

She fears rainwater will no longer be able to seep away and drinking water will not get in.

She also argues that the saltwater, which is stored there at depth, could rise, and could have negative consequences for the drinking water. The region is already suffering from water shortages. Neigel calls for an investigation committee in the state parliament. According to Neigel, who is a prominent voice against the idea of Giga Berlin, the factory location is partly in the drinking water protected area.

Tesla’s first construction application didn’t include reinforced concretes, but that has since changed in a modified version that was published in July.

According to Tesla in the modified version: “In some areas (press shop and foundry), the foundations are laid using reinforced concretes to be able to transfer the loads accordingly into the ground.” Tesla wrote.

The government of Brandenburg has promised to look into the matter, like they have always done, and promise to publicize every find for everyone to see. The state government has so far been proven to be as transparent as possible.

Furthermore, Tesla representatives say that pillars are a common and normal process – especially here in the region. Pillars are also common for drinking water protection areas. Some norms and regulations stipulate the safe use and installation of pillars. The planned steps would also have to be approved by the authorities.

Giga Berlin Model Y Will Be Revolutionary Says Elon Musk

Tesla CEO is back at it again. This time he hinted that the to be made in Giga Berlin Tesla Model Y is something all automakers must watch as it is going to be revolutionary in the history of automotive body engineering.

Road to Giga Berlin!.

In Response to a tweet made by twitter user and Tesla super fan @EvaFoxU, about weather Volvo’s made in China Tesla Model Y is all about reverse engineering the powerful vehicle or not, Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied with suggestion and hints that the Model Y that will be made in Berlin once the Giga Berlin construction is completed, is something Volvo and possibly all other automakers that would like to copy the engineering features of the Model Y may want to wait for and study very closely.

Why Elon Musk believes the made in Berlin Model Y will be revolutionary is yet to be known as he didn’t provide further details yet.

CATL Germany To Supply Tesla Giga Berlin Batteries?

During the fourth quarter conference call in 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that to secure battery capacity for their production ramp, Tesla must work with as many battery suppliers as possible. Tesla has been working with CATL, LG Chem, in addition to their longtime partner Panasonic ever since then.

According to the Giga Berlin construction plans, shockingly Tesla left no room for in-house battery production. Which can only mean that Tesla will be working with their battery suppliers still, and still has no plan to dive fully into battery production business, unlike the NVDIA Chip saga.

Giga Berlin is due to start producing Model Y in mid-2021 but unlike the first documents submitted earlier this year, it no longer provides for battery production in the Gigafactory. See the image below.

Throughout most of Tesla’s history, their production has been constrained by battery supply capacity and Tesla seems to be getting very good at that by working with Local suppliers or in-house battery facilities to make production ramping smooth.

After Elon Musk announced Tesla’ next Giga Factory will be built in Berlin, EV battery makers rushed into the country to secure production sites, CATL is one of them.

After the announcement of Giga Berlin in 2019, Tesla Giga Shanghai battery supplier Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) plans a production facility in Arnstadt Germany, which is 300 kilometres away from Giga Berlin in Grünheide, to start its first European battery production facility.

 The world market leader in battery production is investing 1.8 billion euros in a cell production facility in Arnstadt. Tesla has not yet been named as their customer, but according to the CATL CEO, the partnership is explicitly not limited to China.

Tesla may also use CATL production facility in Germany, along-side Tesla Grohmann Engineering, a company Tesla bought some years ago, to develop the future of battery, according to some reports in 2018.

CATL Plans to start production in the middle of next year with about 200 employees, and they are already working on expansion to increase capacity in 2022.

Tesla Submits Third Application For Construction Preparations

According to the Brandenburg state government, Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc!. has submitted third application for construction preparatory measures. 

This moves can only mean that the self-driving carmaker may soon begin construction work. Tesla plans to manufacture around 500,000 electric cars a year in Grünheide from summer 2021.

Critics see, among other things, the public supply of drinking water in danger because of the settlement. That’s why Tesla plans to change the application for environmental approval that they have already submitted, as they also want to reduce water consumption.

Tesla is pushing super hard with its plan to build the most efficient electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Grünheide (Oder-Spree), also known by many as Giga-Berlin.

Here are some of the latest photos and videos of the Giga Berlin construction.

As of March 5, over 360 residents and associations had opposed Tesla’ idea of coming to Grünheide, Brandenburg. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, any further public debate has been postponed indefinitely until Covid-19 is suppressed or gone.

Latest Photos & Videos of Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Progress

According to, the electric vehicle manufacturer is planning to start Phase 1 production with 10,000 Model Y per week, once Giga Berlin construction is complete in 2021.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg (also known as Gigafactory Berlin, Gigafactory 4 or Gigafactory Europe) is a European manufacturing plant for Tesla, Inc. that is to be constructed in Grünheide, Germany.

The campus is 35 kilometres (20 mi) south-east of central Berlin on the Berlin–Wrocław railway, which forms the north border of the site between Erkner station and Fangschleuse railway station; and the A10 motorway, which forms the west border.

Checkout these cool photos of Tesla Giga berlin construction progress, as shared by Tesla enthusiast @tobilindh and @gigafactory_4 .:

The latest Satellite images from today at #GigaBerlin by Sentinel-2.:

Tesla Charged €2.5 Million Extra For Giga Berlin Land

The final sale price for the 300-hectare of land that Tesla wants to put Giga Berlin on has just increased.

Tesla now has to pay around two and a half million euros more than previously planned for the land. At this point, any further price changes should be minor according to the government spokesman Florian Angels.

This announcement was made this week by Florian Angels. The land now cost 14.35 euros per square meter, bring the price of the land to 43.4 million euros in total.

Sale is not 100% completed

“The sale of the land in Grünheide to Tesla has largely been completed,” said Engels. The contracting parties had agreed in advance to base the value of the second report on the sale. Since some partial measurements are still required, the final purchase price may vary slightly. Rbb24 reports.

Tesla plans to produce about 500,000 vehicles a year (with a max capacity target of 750,000) from the assembly line in Grünheide near Berlin next year. The groundbreaking is expected in March.

Although the final approvals are not expected until summer. Until then, Tesla acts at his own risk and must revert to the original state if his project is rejected.

11 Reasons Why You Should Own Tesla Stock

Is it a good idea to buy Tesla stock?

We believe 2020 is a good time to buy and own Tesla stock. The market is taking the Coronavirus situation very negatively, and Tesla stock has been affected by a reasonable size.

Owning Tesla Stock in this very difficult period plagued by highly contagious coronavirus, that has infected over 78000 people worldwide, killed over 2500 people, spread to more than 40 countries all around the world, is a no brainer and a safer investment.

According to experts, when a solid company stock price falls due to short term volatility, it is always a good time to start to buy such stock little by little, while the correction last.

Coronavirus has successfully wiped out over a trillion dollars from the financial market within the past 4 weeks. Dow Jones futures, S&P 500 futures, and the Nasdaq future are nosediving as the CDC said there is a U.S. coronavirus of possible unknown origin, raising fears that the virus is beginning to spread in America.

Yesterday, U.S. President Donald Trump spoke on the coronavirus crisis in a live session. Microsoft warned it’ll miss sales targets due to the coronavirus, following warnings from Apple and Mastercard last week about a possible First Quarter earnings miss due to coronavirus.

Why is Tesla a good stock?

Tesla rallied massively after the electric car maker posted a profitable third quarter earnings in 2019, beating all analysts estimates. Tesla Stock price closed 2019 at all time high, after bottoming out in May 2019 around $178 in a massive sell-off that was triggered by FUDs and negative media reports. We believe Tesla is a very good stock to buy and own.

A $1000 investment in Tesla bought at $178, would be worth over $4000 at today’ opening.

This Is Why Tesla Stock Is A Must Own In 2020

  1. Tesla Model Y Delivery Starts Next Month “March 2020”
  2. Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Begins: The facility was officially announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on 12 November 2019 at the Das Goldene Lenkrad award show in Berlin and is set to produce batteries, battery packs and powertrains for use in Tesla vehicles. It will also serve for assembly of the Tesla Model Y, which was announced in March 2019. Construction of the facility has already begin since last month, with a proposed start of production in late 2021. Musk also announced the establishment of a new design and development centre in nearby Berlin. We believe this factory may be completed before end of the year if everything goes perfectly fine, and production of Tesla Model Y will begin early next year.
  3. Tesla Model 3 Is Sold Out For Q1 2020: According to, only buyers in the USA can have their Model 3 delivered within the next 5 weeks, if they order it today.
  4. Tesla Giga Buffalo Is Almost 100% Owned By Tesla: According to the empire state development chairman Howard Zemsky, Tesla Informed them that they have exceeded their next hiring commitment in Buffalo, New York. Tesla now boast of over 1500 jobs in Buffalo, excluding the Panasonic positions. Panasonic decision to put a hold on the agreement between them and Tesla also wouldn’t affect Tesla.
  5. Tesla Project Roadrunner: This is more like a leak and rumor. According to Electrek: it started with the acquisition of Maxwell, a supercapacitor manufacturer with some battery cell technology, and later, at its annual shareholder’s meeting, Tesla all but confirmed that it’s going to manufacture its own battery cells. Electrek said they have learned more about the Tesla’s secret project “Roadrunner”: applying “the machine that builds the machine” strategy to produce cheaper battery cells on a massive scale. $100 per kWh has been described as the price target for batteries to enable electric vehicles to reach a price parity with gasoline cars without subsidies.
  6. Tesla Battery Day: Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company is preparing to host a Battery Day for shareholders sometime after the first quarter, possibly 20th of April. The announcement came during the earnings call following Tesla’s release of its Q4 2019 earnings. Everybody in the auto industry (all tesla rivals) and most importantly Tesla investors can’t wait till April.
  7. Tesla Competitors Are Having Battery Supply Problems: Volkswagen is having a serious batter supply and software problem. Volkswagen has long-term contracts with a number of battery suppliers as the company starts its massive push into electric cars, but it’s finding those suppliers need a little extra convincing when it comes to the potential of manufacturing batteries for its EVs. Volkswagen is still struggling with “massive” software problems with its ID3 compact electric car, according to a German business magazine. The software glitches may force to abandon the EV’s planned sales launch in summer, Manager Magazin reported.
  8. SpaceX
  9. Tesla Solar Roof: While most Tesla Inc. Stock analysts are super focused on Tesla car deliveries, and bearish analysts are likely expecting Tesla 2020 first quarter earnings to miss, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is taking the Solar side of the business to another higher level.
  10. Tesla Power Storage Battery Pack For Big Cities: In 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company’s solar and energy storage business will grow faster than its electric vehicle business. Musk claims Tesla is poised for “the really crazy growth for as far into the future as I can imagine. It would be difficult to overstate the degree to which Tesla Energy is going to be a major part of Tesla’s activity in the future,” he said. Tesla’s massive battery is powering over 30,000 homes in a remote part of South Australia. consumers have saved more than $50 million since the battery system went live in 2018.
  11. Elon Musk Is Alive, Health, and Very Very Happy: Unlike the Musk of 2017 – 2018, when Tesla was having several problems from Battery Supply, to production plants expansions, to delivery ramping, Tesla CEO Elon Musk of today appears to be a very happy man. Check out one of his most previously shared tweet below :D.

Thanks for taking your time to read. Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comment section.

Tesla Cannot Cut Down These Trees At Giga Berlin Due To Bats Hibernation

Bats are among Germany’s most endangered animals, but Berlin is home to more of the furry flying mammals than any other central European city, no wonder Tesla is unable to cut down these four trees that stands in the middle of trees clearing chaos, as Giga Berlin project continues.

pics by: @Gf4Tesla

In winter, bats go into hibernation. Hibernation is an extended period of deep sleep (or torpor) that allows animals to survive cold winters with harsh weather. A bat’s body temperature lowers and their metabolic rate slows, meaning they use less energy and can survive on the fat they have stored up instead of trying to forage for food. During hibernation, bats need roosts that are cool and remain at a constant temperature. They often move into underground sites, such as caves. –

Officials are yet to share the numbers of bats hibernating on these trees. It’s also not yet known if the project will continue, leaving these 4 trees till the hibernating bats wakes up or not. A very interesting space to keep an eye on.

Can They Wake These Bats Up?

This is called “torpor” and a bat can survive for about a month in this state. After that the bat will experience a brief period where its body temperature will rise to normal for a few hours and it may stir. Then it will return to a state of torpor and repeat the cycle for up to six months.

German officials may decide to take bats into protective custody, monitoring their hibernation mode, and try to wake them up so as to reintroduce them into a new home in a nearby forest where they may later continue to hibernate.

We will keep you updated as we know more.