Tesla Giga Berlin Previously Planted Trees Cleared!

In less than 3 week, Tesla workers have successfully cleared the previously planted pine trees on the Giga Berlin site, leaving behind only few trees where Bats and some Reptiles were found.

The yet to be cleared areas are where endangered Bats and Reptiles were discovered. These animals will be relocated probably next week, so as to have everything cleared, for the next phase of the project to be started.

A video of the finished work was shared by our friend on site, @Gf4Tesla , check it out below.

@Gf4Tesla lost his drone yesterday while on site to record the progress, but was fully supported by the Tesla community with a 545,33Euro crowdfund to his Paypal account. Awesome!.

Tesla community has proven once again to be a great community to be in. stay tuned for the next update on Giga Berlin.

Berlin-Brandenburg Court Clears Tesla Giga Berlin Tree-Removal Speed Bump

This decision was made by the Berlin- Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court on Thursday evening. The action by the environmental association Green League is therefore dismissed. Berlin-Brandenburg court has successfully given Tesla Giga Berlin the green light needed to continue the removal of the planted pine trees.

According to tagesspiegel, the court based its decision, among other things, on the fact that the piece of forest that Tesla wants to clear was previously planted for economic purpose and pose no serious threat to the environment, as it would if it were to be a natural forest.

This gives Tesla the green light to continue cutting down trees on part of the site before the growing season begins – initially around 90 hectares. This order can not be contested. The Green League was disappointed. Attorney Dirk Teßmer said: “We were optimistic that it would be different.”

It’s Official! – Giga Berlin Now Has Official Pages On Tesla.com

Tesla.com just added an official page for the on-going Giga Berlin electric car manufacturing plant project.

Check out what Tesla has to say about the project below.:

Tesla in Europe

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Localizing our manufacturing presence is critical to achieving this goal and making our cars more easily accessible to customers around the world.

Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg is the next phase of Tesla’s presence in Europe. We already operate an assembly facility for Model S and Model X in Tilburg, the Netherlands. In addition, Tesla Grohmann Automation in Prüm, Germany, specializes in automation of our production processes. In total, we currently already employ around 5,500 people in Europe.

Located at a 300-hectare site in the municipality of Grünheide, construction of Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg is expected to begin in 2020 with production targeted for 2021. Phase 1 will focus on production of Model Y, with a target capacity of 10,000 vehicles per week. We estimate that during Phase 1, we will employ up to 12,000 people, with roles being filled by local residents and employees from wider Europe. We want the best talent collaborating and working together to achieve the mission.


We are committed to improving the natural environment near the factory and in the wider state of Brandenburg. We aim to replant an area three times the factory plot, with mixed trees native to their habitat and the potential to become an old growth forest, while working with environmental and other expert groups for the best possible outcome. We are also working to ensure plenty of clean drinking water through water-saving measures in the factory as well as a structural solution with and for the community in the medium term.

Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will have a solar roof and aims to use renewable electricity to help Germany and Brandenburg achieve its ambitious ‘Energiewende’ objectives. We aim to maximize the benefits of the location’s  excellent passenger and freight rail connections, by building an on-site rail freight yard, and making it as attractive as possible to commute to the factory by rail.

By working with local communities and local and regional authorities and environmental groups, Tesla aims to be the best possible local partner as we build a cleaner future together.

Link: https://www.tesla.com/gigafactory-berlin

What Giga Berlin Should Look Like, Yearly Output, Employment, And Everything You Need To Know Now

According to the thousands of pages about Giga Berlin that can be seen in the town halls of Erkner, Grünheide and Spreenhagen since last week Monday (Tesla planned production process, water, power, and everything that has to do with the environment and endangered species), Tesla boast of a bold 500,000 cars production per year and 12,000 Jobs provision. Details are available to the public to inspect.

Tesla plans to start production in Giga Berlin in 2021, with 4000 employees producing a minimum of 150000 cars per year.

Say Hello To Tesla Giga Berlin Ants – The Most Protected Ants In The World

Below is what Giga Berlin should look like once completed.

Around the factory are two parking lots for 2,800 cars, a well water pool with a capacity of 45,000 cubic meters and three buildings for the energy center, power transformer station and wastewater treatment. A logistics center with loading station is planned in the north-east of the railway line. Six freight trains and 463 trucks per day are planned to supply the factory with raw materials and parts, and also to transport newly produced cars. The factory needs 109 megawatts of electricity for production and 16,000 cubic meters of natural gas per hour for heating, foundry melting and drying ovens. 

Tesla Giga Berlin Deforestation Stopped By Court!

1200 workers are expected to work at final assembly lines (we believe this includes logistics and line workers), 800 workers at administration, and 700 workers in the paint shop. Tesla plans to produce its own battery cells later in an extra building. As a start, cells are to be delivered and assembled by 400 employees into battery packs.

Say Hello To Tesla Giga Berlin Ants – The Most Protected Ants In The World

Ants are cool, but Giga Ants are awesome. In the ongoing removal of previously planted pine trees from planned Giga Berlin site, endangered ant hill must be protected and later relocated to nearby forest.

I call these ants, Giga Ants for a reason. They are not just your ordinary ants that gets to be buried because a new land owner takes over, they are lucky ants that alot of important people and nature conservation groups are talking about.

Officials working on clearing the land have now finally protected the Giga Ants Hill, and are working on relocating their lovely home to a nearby safer forest.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously emphasized the need to protect all the endangered species, and also promised to make sure Tesla replace every previously planted pine trees they remove from the land with 3 newly planted trees.

As shared by our friend @Gf4Tesla, Giga Ants hill is completely guided 24/7 :).


Tesla Giga Berlin Deforestation Stopped By Court!

Brandenburg Green League has successfully forced the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) Berlin- Brandenburg to put a hold on Tesla’ ongoing deforestation of Giga Berlin’ site.

photos by: @gigafactory_4

The court has temporarily stopped the clearing work on the site for the planned Tesla factory in Grünheide by sending in police officers to enforce the order.

Higher Administrative Court of Berlin had previously received objections from two nature conservation associations, asking the court to put a hold on Tesla’ deforestation work, but the objections were not successful until today.

Photos by: @gigafactory_4

Brandenburg Green League and the Association for site and species protection in Bavaria (VLAB)are behind this interruption.

According to Court, the work must be put on hold until the filed complaint against Frankfurt decision has been decided.

Photos by: @gigafactory_4

The nature conservation associations are other parties that are against the project are claiming the project has more cons than pros, including potential impacts to the water supply and local wildlife, and about proper wastewater disposal. Among the forest residents are reptiles, ants and birds which must be relocated before felling. There are also endangered species of bat; the district forester who planted trees says the bats prefer trees older than 80 years to roost in them.

Frunkla’ Take

The administrative court had however ruled that nature conservation issues by the State Environment Agency was unobjectionable. Based on this, we don’t expect this temporary delay to last long. We will keep out readers posted as soon as their is an update.

Giga Berlin 300 hectares – Tree Cutting Machines On Site.

Tesla and officials of Brandenburg are working tirelessly on Giga Berlin ever since the facility was officially announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on 12 November 2019.

Giga Berlin Can Be Operational Before 2021

Tesla Giga Berlin will be sitting on 300 hectares of land and electric cars production is scheduled to begin in 2021. Now that all the necessary documents are cleared, real work is about to begin.

The Removal Of Previously Planted Pine Trees

Over the past weeks, the gov of Brandenburg has been working day and night to meet up with planned schedules. Bombs were removed, endangered species are in the process of being released into nearby forests, and the heavy duty tree removing machines are now present on the site.

According to a source on ground, Carsten Lessner from the ministry said that workers will be clearing about 10 football fields per day.

Giga Berlin Can Be Operational Before 2021

Tesla is the second most valuable car manufacturer in the world with a market capitalization of $134.836 billion, $50.188 billion more than that of the most valuable car manufacturer in Europe and the third most valuable car manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen AG.

“The investment is a unique opportunity,” Mayor Arne Christiani said in his office, where a map of the Tesla project hangs on the wall. “It gives young people with a good education or a university degree the possibility to stay in our region—an option that didn’t exist in past years.”

Mayor of Grünheide

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said his company’s fourth Gigafactory will be built in Grünheide, Brandenburg. A town about 40 minutes drive away from Berlin, Germany.

The facility was officially announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on 12 November 2019 at the Das Goldene Lenkrad award show in Berlin and is set to produce batteries, battery packs and powertrains for use in Tesla vehicles. It will also serve for assembly of the Tesla Model Y, which was announced in March 2019.

“Berlin is great,” Musk said, after receiving the Golden Steering Wheel award from German auto publication Auto Bild. “I love Berlin.”

More than ten European countries (France, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland,  Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Estonian, Germany,…) had campaigned to have the factory located within their jurisdictions. This is enough to force the federal government of Germany to work extra hard to make sure everything works very fine and as planned.

Tesla Giga Berlin Work Has Started

Ever since Tesla and the state of Brandenburg signed the purchase contract for the land on which Giga Berlin will be built, Tesla and the state government have been working tirelessly on the planned project day and night.

Around 159 hectares of pine forest will be cleared on the site before the end of this month. Rumor has it that the work on removing the pine trees will start on Monday. Once the trees are cleared, there will be plenty of room for the construction work will start.

According to a very reliable source in Grünheide “@Gf4Tesla”: The power cables have been laid. It has been confirmed that fiber optic cables has been laid And preparations for sewage discharges have been made. Old aerial bombs were removed and some were detonated. Tesla is currently working on releasing endangered animals to nearby forest.

Lets not forget that it took Tesla 168 days to go from Permits to a finished Giga Shanghai China electric car production plant.

If Tesla put in the same efforts, Giga Berlin should be ready by late summer 2020 and the finished plant may start to pump out electric cars before end of year.

“We are in the center of the biggest and deepest change in the automotive industry since its beginning. We would be naïve to think we can handle battery technology as a commodity that can be bought anywhere in the world.” – Matthias Machnig (German State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy)

OMG – Tesla Stock Price To Hit $22000 in Super Bullish Case

In a newly released research and modeling by one of Tesla Bulls’ favorite analysts Tasha Keeney and fellow ARK Invest analysts Sam Korus and Brett Winton, Based on their updated expectations for electric vehicle (EV) cost declines and demand, as well as their estimates for the potential profitability of Robotaxis, in 2024 popular electric car maker Tesla is expected to reach a value per share of $7,000.

Ark Invest has a Golden Goose with a 12% probability that Tesla share will hit $22,000 price target if Tesla dominates the Autonomous RoboTaxi industry and successfully wipe out all dinosaurier ICE car makers. This model is said to be based on Tesla lowering cost, builds more factories around the world efficiently, and launches its autonomous network.

Ark Invest has a price target of $3400 in a No Autonomous case, but Tesla will become a High Functioning Ev Company. This case has a 28% probability and a 70% cumulative probability. This case Predicts Tesla will lower costs and build factories efficiently, but can’t launch its autonomous network.

In Ark’s Bear Case: there is a 25% likelihood that Tesla trades at or below $1500 in 2024. In Ark’s Bull Case: There is a 25% likelihood that Tesla trades at or above $15000. A median expected value equals $7000 based on expected value being greater than median value due to upside skew from autonomous.

According to Ark research and modeling three key independent variables are critical to understanding Tesla’s potential:

  1. Gross Margins – Will Tesla’s cost of manufacturing vehicles continue to fall in line with Wright’s Law? If so, what will be the average selling price of Tesla’s vehicles?
  2. Capital Efficiency – What is Tesla’s cost per unit to build new production capacity?
  3. Autonomous Capability – Can Tesla launch a fully autonomous taxi service successfully?

In August 2018, ARK published an open letter with an extract of our TSLA valuation model communicating why we believed taking Tesla private at $420 per share would deprive shareholders of significant returns. Since then ARK has updated its TSLA valuation regularly. Based on new research, we are sharing our latest model to clarify what we believe is TSLA’s potential.

Based on our updated expectations for electric vehicle (EV) cost declines and demand, as well as our estimates for the potential profitability of robotaxis, our 2024 expected value per share for TSLA is $7,000. To arrive at that base case, ARK has developed a probability analysis with bear and bull price estimates, as detailed below:

In an interview with CNBC squawk alley two weeks ago, Ark Invest CEO Catherine Wood promised audience she will soon be releasing their latest Bullish Case model, and she has kept her promise.

Feel free to visit Ark Invest Blog for more details.

“As shown below, we assume average selling prices (ASPs) must decline to access greater levels of demand. We believe that assumption is conservative, especially given the fact that Tesla’s next two vehicles, the Model Y and Cybertruck, have an ASP higher than the Model 3. In our model, we adjust ASPs accordingly.” – Ark Invest

According to ARK Invest, Tesla will be more capital-efficient than traditional automakers. The amount of capital required to produce a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine in the US has steadily increased. Over the last five years or so, the auto industry has spent more than $14,000 in fixed assets for every vehicle produced per year. A simple calculation – 50% of $14,000 – indicates that an EV plant could be installed for $7,000 per unit size.

Tesla Model 3 Made The Berlin Senate Car List

The Berlin Senate has broadened the list of officials’ automobile available to senators and secretaries of state.

In the nearest future, top politicians will also be able to select a Tesla model of their choice, after the electric car maker starts to produce cars in 2021 in the planned Giga Berlin.

For the first time, Berlin senators and secretaries of state can pick a Tesla as a their official automobile.

According to the spokesperson for the Senate Department for Home Affairs, Tesla Model 3 has been on the order list for the past two weeks.

Senators have the opportunity to lease a car for about a year. An official car must meet certain criteria before they are allowed to lease it. Tesla seems to meet such criteria easily due to the nature of the company. The most important factor in this criteria is that the official car must support heaters while in park mode.

Tesla models is ofcourse not the only choice they have, Audi, BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen models can also be chose from.

The interior senator Andreas Geisel and the governing mayor Michael Müller have different rules when choosing the official car for safety reasons. For example, Müller drives an armored S-Class Mercedes, which according to a December survey by the German Environmental Aid (DUH) is the most polluting official car of all heads of the government. A new car according to Senate spokesperson Claudia Sünder is to be delivered in the first half of 2020 and must pollute less.

Tesla plans to start production of Model 3 and Model Y in the planned Giga Berlin factory in Grünheide, Berlin.