Tesla Model 3 Earliest Delivery Date On New Order Outside USA Is May

Tesla Model 3 is possibly sold out for the first 3 months of 2020. According to Tesla.com, only buyers in the USA can have their Model 3 delivered within the next 5 weeks, if they order it today. Buyers outside USA such as Germany have an estimated delivery date starting from May 2020, if they order Model 3 today.

Feel free to visit Tesla.com and try it out for yourself. Try to place an order on Model 3. Please use the comment section to tell us if delivery is available before May 2020 in your country.

This is a good news for Tesla investors. Investors can worry less about Tesla missing their 2020 first quarter earnings report estimates.

According to Tesla Owners Taiwan, hundreds of Model 3s were spotted waiting to be delivered to their owners: As shown in the tweet below, one can tell that’s about 500 Model 3s.

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